Healthy Everyday Swaps

Starting your healthy lifestyle? or just looking to learn more? 

Today I'd like to talk about FOOD SWAPS. It's one of the first things I did about year and half ago. This helped me to make a smooth transition into eating healthier and also made me see changes on my mood, stomach and weight!

Every little step counts when adopting a healthy lifestyle. Don't get caught up in diets and making unrealistic changes that are going to be hard to stick after just one month.

Here are my top healthy food swaps for people who are looking to make long term changes to their diet and lifestyle. 

  1. When ordering your lunch from the café below your work, swap the bread for a salad. 

  2. That 10am latte you order every day isn't doing any you any favours. Swap it for a drink that is not milk based such as a tea or black coffee. If you are adding milk try almond or coconut milk. Avoid adding sugars as well!

  3. Swap vegetable oils for coconut oil when cooking, and use olive oil for salads and dressings. 

  4. Use Himalayan salt instead of table salt. Himalyan salt is packed full of nutrients ad contains 84 minerals as well as many other health benefits. It also helps to improve blood sugar and your sleeping patterns!

  5. Swap the white rice for quinoa or brown rice to save your blood sugar levels. If having pasta, choose quinoa pasta or make zoodles!  

  6. Throw out your processed cereals (bran flakes, cornflakes, Special K) for a raw muesli or oats to keep you fuller for longer. When eating oats, swap quick oats for steel cut oats. You can make them overnight! (recipe here!)

  7. Swap the sugar in your coffee to honey or avoid it altogether!

  8. Pre-made sauces and dressings can be loaded with sugar, toxic oils, food chemicals and loads of salt. Use herbs and spices to flavor foods and olive oil and lemon juice to dress salads.

  9. Swap the mayonnaise for avocado or guacamole on your salad – avocados have a lot of health benefits, especially when you compare it to mayonnaise.

  10. Save your body from the empty calories and instead of making your sandwich on bread use ice burg lettuce leaves or rice paper wraps. 

  11. If having bread, swap white bread for ezekiel or
    rye bread. Look in the back for the sugar. You don't want them to have more than 1 or 2 grams per serving. 

  12. Fruit juices are high in sugar and usually made from concentrate. Next time you feel like sipping on a glass of orange juice, opt first for the actual fruit, I guarantee this will satisfy your thirst!

  13. This is the biggest change I had to made, but is totally worth it. Instead of eating out and buying your meals, cook more at home. This way you are always able to prepare healthy food and you know exactly what ingredients you are using. Plus you will save way more. Believe me, your bank account will appreciated. 

I made a quick list for you. Get it here!

Let me know if you this swaps helped you and what other things have you swap in your diet!






Ana Alarcon