Big Air Bootcamp

Last month, I was invited to a boot camp during the Polartec Big Air event at Fenway Park. If you are not from Boston, imagine your local baseball stadium with a ramp that rises over 140 feet! That is higher than the light towers in Fenway! Now imagine going inside and working out with a view of the ramp!

It was pretty amazing entering the venue and being able to take a peek of what was soon going to happen.  Fenway Park, the host for one of Boston's favorite teams was transformed into an amazing skiing/snowboarding venue.  We had the chance to see the jump being tested, one after another coming up and down the ramp. To me, it all looked pretty crazy. I am not a skier or snowboarder, in fact, I have tried it once and it was a fail, BIG time.  So yes, I was pretty impressed.

Polartec, as the main sponsor, gave us the opportunity to try out some of their newest fabric technologies. Let me tell you, it was an experience. They took us to the visitor locker rooms, yes, those locker rooms where the big baseball stars hang out.  I was already pretty impressed by it. Just imagine who has passed through it since 1912.

We got three pieces of clothing featuring three of Polartec’s fabrics that are perfect for cold-weather. 

The QOR baselayer 1/2 zip with Polartec Power Wool ,  this long sleeve layer helps isolate the heat and doesn’t lose it after a workout. I do sweat a lot while working out and tend to get super cold as soon as I stop. I was very impressed by how much it kept the heat in whilst working out.

My favorite by far was the Athleta PS pant featuring Polartec Power Stretch. The most comfy and warm pants ever. They keep me super warm and they were super easy to move around in. They stretch a lot but don’t get loose. Seriously the BEST!



Last but not least, the Strafe Alpha Mid Jacket featuring Polartec Alpha, this jacket is not only really cute looking, but is designed to provide the warmth-without-weight and weather resistance of a light puffy, with the breathability of a midlayer for comfort throughout a wide range of conditions. Basically, perfect for anytime of the year.


Beantown bootcamp made us break a sweat in a 45 min. circuit training sesh. The combination of a high-intensity workout while wearing Polartec gear was perfect for testing it out.

Thank you to Polartec, Beantown Bootcamp and Fenway Park for the experience!