Green Smoothies

Adding extra greens in our daily life doesn't have to be boring or a hassle. I personally struggle to eat more greens, so having a smoothie as a snack has helped me to increase my intake. If you are like me, I encourage you break the habit and join me on #onegreensmoothieaday challenge. 

I promise it won't be hard. Just get a big bag of kale, spinach, a couple of cucumbers, your favorite fruits and maybe coconut water if you are feeling fancy. You can drink the same smoothie everyday, or get creative! the opportunities are endless. 

Ok, if you are starting to think what to blend and suddenly you went blank, and blank again. I gotcha! 

I picked the best of the best of green smoothies out there, put them in a list for you. Now, you just have to click them and get the ingredients, blend them and voila! 


"This smoothie has it all; it is high in protein, healthy fats and a number of superfoods." - Leah

2. Orange Burst Green smoothie

"Is gluten free, dairy free and with zero added sugars!" - Alex

3. My green detox smoothie staple 

Simple and with ingredients that you might already have in your kitchen!

4. Vegan Detox Smoothie Bowl

Of course a smoothie bowl, who doesn't love them? perfect summer breakfast.

5. B.A.S.I.C.S - green smoothie base!

Now that you are ready to experiment with your own smoothies, you make want to give a quick read to this post. You can get a few tips on how make the perfect detox smoothies!

READY??? Perfect! can't wait to see your creations. I promise you that #onegreensmoothieaday will make you feel more energetic during the day! 




Ps:  don't forget to share it with me via instagramfacebooktwitter or snapchat! & use #onegreensmoothieaday   <3