How to: Stay healthy on a daily basis!

We have all been at some point in our lives where we don’t know what to eat, wondering if it is healthy, if it has much sugar or if it is the right choice. It all becomes so overwhelming. Suddenly the media says that there is a new super food and a new class that promises we will get you a six-pack in two weeks.

It all can be too much, too many things to do and learn. Let me tell you that you are not alone; I have been there so many times. I know I put this image of being healthy and workout everyday, but before that, there was confusion, binge eating and a very shy person.

It all came together once I realized what I was doing to my body and health. There are some little things I’ve changed that have helped me improve my overall health in my everyday life.

Here are some of them:

1.     Take time in the morning: I like to wake up early and have time to do my morning rituals, go to the gym, get ready, have breakfast and prepare my lunch for the day. I know it take ages to get ready so I like to give myself time so I don’t rush things. It didn’t happen overnight though, it took me time to wake up earlier and get my body used to it.

2.     Healthy snacks, they are as important as bringing your lunch to work. I am the person that will buy 10 snack bars and eat them all at once. So instead, I make mine and bring them at work along with nuts or carrots. I swear if you open your bag and the only thing you can find is healthy snacks, that is the only thing you will have. Here are my favorite bliss balls. 

3.     Take a day off, but for real. A day for you and only you. Doesn’t have to be every week, but take one day when you focus on you. Do what makes you happy. Maybe you got out with your friends, or go for a walk, or just stay at home and watch Netflix. Make sure you are doing it because you like it and that will help you get reenergized. And please, turn your phone off; if you can do it the whole day, go ahead! If you can’t, try at least 2 hours. Try to disconnect from the world and connect with yourself.

4.     Be active: whatever you like to do. Go for a walk, practice yoga, boxing, weight lifting, whatever, but move your body. Do it at least 3 times a week, make it part of your routine. If you have kids, take them with you for a jog, make your partner come with you for a spin class, text that friend you haven’t see in ages and take a Barre class together. Make it a habit.

5.     Stretch. Stretching is so important, it doesn’t matter if you workout 7 days or twice a week. We do not need to be super flexible to do it, but you need to stretch your muscles everyday. It will help improve flexibility, assist in correct posture and you will feel more relaxed.

6.     Sleep! Yes, at least 7-8 hours a night. Let your body heal and recover from the day you just had. Let your mind go and rest for the day. Many benefits of a good night’s sleep include- better brain function, better digestion, relaxed and rested body

Most important, say thank you. Say thank you to yourself for holding your body together, move you from place to place and let you create amazing things everyday.

We often forget that we are given only one body and that we need to nourish and take care of it.

Be kind to yourself and you will find more happiness and health.



Ana Alarcon