#HonorYourDays - where, when, WHAT?

I am literally sitting behind my laptop trying to find the right words to start this blog post. It is kinda funny because I've never considered myself a blogger, writer or an influencer, like what is that? But for some reason, this regular Mexican girl got invited to the launch of the newest Reebok campaign #HonorYourDays. 

I didn't know what to expect! the only thing I knew is that a girl name Maureen (hey, you killer crossfiter!) has been super nice and invited me to the event. Excited? YES. Nervous? Hell YES!

Finally the day arrived and I got to the Reebok HQ in Canton, MA. Got there like 30 minutes earlier, saw the lunch set up by accident (sorry!) and got the chance to shop around their store (yes, they do have a store at their office!). 

Dani Witek AKA the best :)

Dani Witek AKA the best :)

Everyone had arrived and it was time to start. We all got a little tour of their facilities, you know the normal stuff, their basketball court, the crossfit area, their showroom, and wait, do they actually work? is there a desk somewhere? You bet they do! Fortunately, I saw Dani on the hallway and she took me on a small detour, and when I say small I don't mean it. Dani is a rockstar, she is part of the innovation design team. Yes, she is the one that is choosing right now which fabric will go on the shoes you will be buying next year. Yes, she knows exactly what the new line looks like, while us mortals are waiting to see them! I was lucky enough to walk around their production and design area, and meet the team that makes everything happen. 

Next stop, was the panel. Five incredible successful talented women were in it. Right before we got the chance to hear them out, we got the to see for the very first time a new add for Reebok's campaign. If you watch it and you don't get chills, well, I don't what is wrong with you (jk jk) but seriously, I got so emotional watching it. If you haven't yet watch it, here it is ;) 

Being a fan and taking photos while lunch!

Being a fan and taking photos while lunch!

On the panel we got the chance to hear Meghan Markle (Rachel on Suits & The Tig founder), Amelia Boone (3x World's Toughest Mudder winner. 2013 Spartan Race World Champion. Attorney), Jessica Mendoza (Olympic softball gold & silver medalist, ESPN analyst/reporter), Payal Kadakia (ClassPass CEO) and Kathrine Switzer (first official women that finished the Boston Marathon), speak about women empowerment, fitness, leadership and their own story. Many things they said have resonated with me, but the 3 things that keep popping in my head are:

  1. Keep reinventing yourself by Amelia Boone.

  2. Have a support system by Payal Kadakia.

  3. Draw your own box by Meghan Markle. 

Why? because they all have gone through a similar path, where they had to keep evolving and creating themselves every time a new challenge or project came to them, they have an amazing support system either from family, friends or team, and they keep creating their own box, where if they don't fit in they will create their own path, and i think this is so important in the fitness and health industry. Especially all of us that have started a health journey. We always think we have to do X,Y,Z, but if we just keep learning and changing our own habits, we are reinventing who we are, and because of that we will meet amazing women that support us and motivate us, and we keep changing the perspective of women as athletes. 

At lunch, I had the opportunity to be seated next to female entrepreneurs and writers. To my right I had Jenna, Co-founder of Green Blender, to my left Leah Prinzivalli, Fitness and Beauty writer and in front of me Stephanie Kaplan, Co-founder of Her Campus. We got the chance to talk about everything health related, new projects and their story. I also finally met Tehrene, editor of Droz the good life - We have been following each other on instagram for months and we finally got the chance to meet! - We all got to add our biggest fitness accomplishments on a timeline wall. AND to finish we took a Cross Fit class by Ally Bushey - she is a bad ass Rebook crossfitter team player. 

Overall, it was such an amazing opportunity to learn more about Reebok, their campaign, interact and exchange ideas with entrepreneurs, listen to women that have done it and keep doing what they love, have fun and mingle with amazing people. I left with a lot of motivation, inspiration, feeling like I could take over the world and with very sore legs (thank you Ally!). Oh yeah, and with a bag full of new goodies (Thanks Ben!).

Thank you so much for making it all to the end! I promise to keep this post genuine and bring the best info for you. Thank you Reebok for inviting me and letting me be part of it. 

#BeMoreHuman #HonorYourDays

Please, please, let me know what you think, comment and ask me questions. I am an open book for you :)




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