Make up FREE challenge!

Day one of the 'make up' free challenge. Not looking my best!

Day one of the 'make up' free challenge. Not looking my best!

It has been 10 days since the last time I wore make up, and it hasn't been easy! In the blog posts I have read, every one of them describes the emotions and reactions you go through, every feeling you will go through in the week, and all of them were true! However, I found that not many people I know or that have done this ‘challenge’ have worked or work in the fitness industry.

If I had of done this when I was doing a 9-5 job, I could have gone through it pretty easily, because I would see the same people everyday, and somehow they would get used to the idea of how I look.  However, when you teach (fitness, kindergarten or webinars) you are been constantly judged. Ok, you might be thinking this isn’t true. But here is a scenario, if you attend a 7am fitness class, do you expect your instructor to look half sleep or for them to look super energetic and ready to go? Sadly, I have been that person that expects my instructor to have 200% more energy that I do. Sadly, make up has helped me to cover my dark circles, pimples and imperfections to make me look more awake and energized. Sadly, it has been a cover for the past couple of years.  

Now, make up isn´t bad. I don’t think so at least. I still love it. But I admit I have used it to cover my insecurities and, as I thought, my imperfections.  

Day 7, I still look puffy and like I just got up, but my skin was definitely feeling better! 

Day 7, I still look puffy and like I just got up, but my skin was definitely feeling better! 

But why if I loved it so much I decided to do go ´Make up free’?  For me, was an act of reaction and feeling overwhelmed after accepting the fact that I was putting so many chemicals in my skin!  Just the thought of realizing that it didn’t really matter how healthy I was eating, my skin would be affected by what I was putting on it. For months now, I have been cleaning my face mornings and nights, moisturizing it and using ‘good’ quality products, and still had pimples, and constant acne. I thought it was because of the sweat or maybe hormones. But it wasn’t really true, it was really with what I was using.

Since day 1 of my ‘make up’ free challenge, I have been cleaning my face with a natural soap and using coconut oil as moisturizer.  That’s it. I have kept a plant based diet and a workout routine.  I like to think that the way I eat has played a big role as well.

If you decide to go make up free, these are the things that might pop up through your head and the things that will change physically and hopefully internality too!

  1. Why the heck am I doing this?
  2. Do I look that bad?
  3. Oh wait, I can’t use concealer to cover that anymore.
  4. Am I supposed to walk outside my apartment like this?
  5. Waahhhh, people are looking at me. I must look like I just got up.
  6. I got this. It’s almost time to go home.
  7. Oh wow, that was fast. My pimple is gone.
  8. Are you sick? No, I am not sick. I'm not wearing make up.
  9. Did you just get up? No, I have been up since 7am. I just don’t have make up.
  10. Oh hey, that’s me.
  11. Are you 18? No, I am not 18.
  12. I got this, 4 more days. I will be fine.
  13. Oh wow, my skin is getting better.
  14. Ok no, I look even worse after working out.
  15. Uuhh, I can rub my eyes now.
  16. Yaasss, I can go to bed without spending 20 minutes cleaning my face.
  17. Yay, no more $150 dll spend in make up. Bye mac!
  18.  Mmm I am actually a good-looking person.
  19. Agghh no, I am not sick. I just don’t wear make up.
  20. OK, one more day. That’s it.
  21. Yay! Extra 30 mins in bed. Bye make up.
  22. Yay, is raining and my face isn’t all black because of my eyeliner.
  23. Is that my skin? I don’t look like a teenager anymore.
  24. Uuhhh so soft.
  25. Yay for those extra 30mins.
  26. Ok, I can get used to this.
  27. Maybe a few more days.
  28. What? 7 days already? No make up at all?
  29. It wasn’t too bad.
  30. I am actually feeling pretty good not wearing it at all.

Ok, maybe your thoughts will be different than mine, but hopefully you experience the same self love and confidence I felt. It isn’t just about make up, or chemicals in our skin. It's about realizing that we don’t need make up to cover us up, or feel better about ourselves. I will love to hear that you have already realized this, but if you are in the same boat I was (doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 35!), TRY to go make up free for a week, and realize that we look just fine, and that ultimately, our inside will reflect our outside. Every emotion will dictate if you smile or if you walk looking down. Every internal symptom will determine who you are. So, go ahead, put that make up away and walk with your head up, because you are beautiful the way you are!

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Love ya!




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