Monday Obsessions (Dos)

Happy Monday! I hope you had a great weekend; you celebrate your mum and did something that you love. 

I spend the last four days in Chicago, being a little tourist and definetly enjoyinf the weather. 

In this second edition of #MondayObsessions, you will find tons of my travel favorites. The one things I love in life, is traveling but it comes with the worst thing, which is dead time. Yeah, those two hours before your plane or those long hours in the plane. I used to just sleep or watch a movie. I have changed that with time, and my favorite things now are listening to podcast, read or plan my trip. 

Here are some of my other Monday obsessions while traveling!

1. Podcasts: I have been listening to my pancanke mix for ages now, I love the songs in it but it after a month of listening the same playlist it was a getting boring. I thought to switch it up a bit and listen my favorite podcast again this week, Happier by Gretchen Rubin. She discuss good habits and happiness, gives tips a my favorite "try this at home" type of challenge. I would say that many of her tips have help me reach my health and fitness goals. Another podcast I started listening to is Build a BadAss Business by Diane Sanfilippo, author of Practical Paleo. You might be thinking I am going crazy, because A) this a health and fitness blog not a business blog and B) I don't follow a Paleo diet. But I believe you can apply all the tips or most, Diane gives into your health journey. I.e. Episode #54 what I can and can't teach you. - listen to it, and then we can talk! she will fire you up!

2. Green tea. Say good-bye to coffee said no one ever until I had two coffees and I was shaking like a maraca. Not funny. My emotions were all over the place; my heart was running faster than Atsede Baysa. So, I am making a big effort and upgrade my coffee to green tea. The benefits are so many I can't make a list of all of them, but the most relevant to me are antioxidants and 

3. Couchsurfing. "is a hospitality exchange and social networking website. The website provides a platform for members to "surf" on couches by staying as a guest at a host's home, host travelers, or join an event" - the best way to find free accommodation and meet the most amazing people. Traveling ain't cheap and you can find yourself doing the same boring touristy things. I have used CS a lot of times, I have hosted people and I have stayed at people's places. I have made great friends all around the world and is just so much fun to do it. If you follow me on snapchat, you could have seen the apartment I stayed in Chicago (on the 30th floor of River North). It was unreal, and yes, was through CS. So get on it!

4. Weight lifting. I have been doing BBG for so long that the idea of doing something different was a bit scary. However, I have been lifting for over two months now and love it. I've seen tons of results in my back, arms and core strength. I am developing my own routine and I hope to share with you soon!

5. Raw, this magical place the makes the most delicious meals with only raw plant based inspired food. WhenI thought of raw vegetables and could only think of salads, but this place makes way more than that. My plate had raviolis, garden burger, spaghetti "meat balls" and a lemon tart. All raw. If you are in Chicago is a MUST! 

Let me know what you thought, if you have tried CS or have listen Gretchen Rubin! or even better, your recommendations.

Until the next one!



Ana Alarcon