Monday Obsessions (Uno)

With so much information going on about food and labels, and what is good and what is not good for you I have found that I get so overwhelmed. It definitely makes me feel like I can't process any more information. However, I found is easy when I go back to that mental list of things I love and that I am constantly using, that way I know that if I go grocery shopping and I feel overwhelmed, I just go back to that mental list and makes me kinda go back to basics. 

It is true, reading labels for everything you buy can be exhausting! I think it took me a few weeks to fully understand what I was reading and it took me hours in the supermarket trying to get familiar with brands and prices. I also get ask a few times which brands I buy, and how to know which ones to get, so I wanted to make a list to share with you. So, on my weekly obsessions you will find that and much more!

What would you find? way more than food! I promise to keep it fun. But really, you will find those "plant based" approved list of foods/brands, recipes, fitness classes, clothing (the best, the cutest and the ones that we should only wear to brunch) and anything I can potentially be obsessing over with. 

Here it is my first Monday obsessions:

1. Rip's Big bowl of cereal. I talk about it and eat it everyday. I wrote about it here but you can find the original recipe here.

2. WRAPS, over wraps with more wraps. I am literally wrapping everything. My favorite wraps are Joseph's.  Pretty little carbs, good amount of protein and like zero sugar. Winners! 

3. Reebok Classics, because well, they are pretty damn awesome. I have the classic white leather, they are super comfy and literally go with everything, or I like to think that. 

4. Vega protein & greens, the chocolate one. YUUMM! I have never been a huge chocolate lover ( I know, I am crazy!) but this one is amazing, I mix it with almond milk and banana and it makes the best smoothie ever! 

5. and my new instax mini 8. Seriously the cutest, fit inside any bag and takes insta happiness into a whole new level. I don't think any other camera can capture some much cuteness (being sarcastic  here! just look at my photo! ) but is seriously the coolest camera ever!

I can't wait to see what you think, please comment below or leave a comment on facebook, instagram, tweet or snapchat me! 




Ana Alarcon