Monday Obsessions (Tres)

Another week, new obsessions!

I love finding new fitness classes, products and brands that are align with my beliefs, specially the ones that can help you and me become a better version of us.

On this post you will simply find new products I have been obsessed about. If you use them and love them as well, let me know! And if you try them, let me know if you liked them too! All of this reviews or posts aren't paid or sponsored. All of them are my opinions and actual obsessions. If I do receive any product and I ended up loving it, you will know!

This Monday obsessions are:

1.     Our brand-new Aero Press coffee maker. We are coffee lovers and even though I try to stop drinking it I still love the taste. But drinking drip coffee from an old coffee machine wasn't the best. We discovered this little magic maker in Chicago, and we decided to jump on board. It makes one cup at a time, but it doesn’t require electricity, and is pretty small. It makes really good coffee and is perfect to take camping. We also got a manual coffee grinder, cause well, if we were going to be hipsters, we had to go full on.

2.      Lola tampons.  Yes, I am talking tampons. Because no one ever talks about them, even though we use them every single month. And It sucks. But, if we are using them let’s use the best ones, right? I was actually approach by Lola a few months ago, they wanted me to try their brand and write a review. I decided first to give them ago, before I wrote about them and I fell in love with them. So here is my honest review, they are awesome. Same thing as other tampons, you can’t feel them at all. They are really good while working out. They come with assortment styles in one package. But the thing that got me the most is that they are 100% hypoallergenic cotton tampons (no bleach, synthetics, dyes, or mystery ingredients).  They come on a subscription, so you can customize your order and get them right at your door. 

3.     Whole Foods bulk section. Because is goals! I get all my grains from it and store them on mason jars at home. It is easier to get the amount you really need to buy, it tends to be cheaper and the best part, there is no waste. No boxes or bags after buying it. Some whole foods offer more than grains. I’ve seen herbs and nuts. It has become my happy place. I know, I am weird. 

4.     Snapchat. But who isn’t these days? When I am watching people’s stories I feel like I am with them. It is so much more real than a photo on instagram or facebook. Don’t get me wrong I still love instagram, but snapchat offers way more than a photo. It is just about the moment and what is happening right now. I also use it to stay motivate and as an accountability tool. I have been posting my meals and workouts to stay on track, and have tried some other people’s recipes as well. Are you in it? If so, snap me! 

5. Proats. Because well, they are just heaven. But you already now I love them. I wrote other entry about it, but in case you missed it, here it is :D

What are you obsessed about lately? I would love to read your suggestions! I am always looking for new things :) write them below, or share them with me on facebook, twitter, instagram or snapchat




Ana Alarcon