Monday Obsessions (cuatro)

Another week.

New obsessions.

I have been thinking what to write about this week. There are always new things in the market that I have my eyes on, however, I am not a person of things. I own the clothes I need not that I want, only a few pair of shoes and rarely go shopping anymore. I thought that instead of listing the “things” you could buy and satisfied a small pleasure, I would list the videos, phrases, or experiences that I have been obsessed lately.

I ask you to bear with me, writing has always been a dream to me but I decided to make it public not long ago. So, you might see blog posts that change a lot, and maybe are not too “commercial” or sales kind of.  I rather show you the real girl behind the laptop.

You will read a lot of motivational quotes, different fitness classes, music and maybe products that I truly believe in here and there!

This week’s obsessions are:

1. GARY VEEEEEEEEEE! I like to think I can imitate him every time I say his name. Gary Vaynerchuck most known as Gary Vee is a social media expert, entrepreneur and amazing motivator. He has written books on entrepreneurship and has a weekly podcasts with the same topic. It has nothing to do with fitness and health, or so I thought. Although, you won’t learn any new workout routines when listening to him, you will learn new ways to rock your work, goals and get super pumped everyday. I like to apply his tips in how to write to you, or how I better present my thoughts to everyone. Here one of favorite videos he has!

2. Group Fitness Classes. I never thought I would love them. I really enjoyed working out on my own. It felt like my happy place. However, I have been taking different many group fitness classes, from spinning to Barre. It is a great way to change up your routine and try new ways to exercise. It can also help to break a plateau. A lot of studios offer complementary trial classes or very affordable package of classes. Here are the places I’ve tried in the past month. I really liked them all and regularly come back to some of them.


  • SWEAT: Boot camp style class. Take Erin’s class!
  • The Barre code. I took their signature barre class, but I heard the boot camp style one is pretty good.


  • Cyc Fitness: Spinning studio. They have tons of locations in NYC, Texas and other States. Sarah and Lydia are my favorite.
  • BSpoke: Boutique spinning studio in the hearth of Boston. I love the fashion sense and their instructors. They really get to know you.
  • SoulCycle: Spinning studio. I love the Back Bay location, but I tend to go to Beacon hill, since is closer to me. I like their theme classes and some of their hardcore instructors. They make you work hard!
  • DareUFitness: Outside boot camp in Charlestown. It is run at the Bunker Hill Monument Park at 6am. Yeah. No joke here. Tim makes you really work hard. Those park hills are no joke.
  • Xtend barre (Newbury Street location). You will need a bit of coordination for their signature class. It is upbeat and challenging. My booty was sore for a few days after going there! I am trying their TRX class as well this week!
  • EveryBodyFights AKA EBF. I have only taken one class here and it was the bomb! It is a circuit training style class.

3. Regan the Vegan video of why he went Vegan. No need to explain here. Just watch it! Challenge: try not to laugh! :p

4. ANNNDDDD J.T. Cause well, is J.T. and his new song is da Plus, some people think Matt AKA the bae, looks like him. Dunno if it is true, but I like to think I date J.T. doppelganger.

Happy Start of the week FITFAM!!!

Let me know what are you obsessed about!




Ana Alarcon