Monday Obsessions (cinco)

Getting back on track with my posts! last Monday was memorial weekend and told myself a million excuses to not write a blog post, because who will read it? who will miss it? does it make an impact? how much time I was going to put in it... All those excuses won, so I didn't spend 40 minutes or even less to put together a post. 

Today, that all sounds so silly! Today, I reminded myself why I started this blog, because I wanted to share my thoughts, content and tips to live a healthier and fitter life. I told myself then, that if at least one person read it, it would be worth it. So here I am, coming back to write a blog series where I can share a list of  "obsessions" that have helped me and hopefully helps you to either get up and crush your goals, find your passion or find a healthier alternative to any product.

As I said in my previous post , I am not a person that values possessions but experiences. So, if I share a product here or on social media, it's because a) I truly believe in it b) it has similar values to me c) they are healthy for us and the planet.

On today's post you will find videos that I just have to share. My aim with these videos is to hopefully spark someone into changing their eating and fitness habits. Both videos are funny, sarcastic and VERY informative. 

Video number uno:

Video number two: 

Third video, is a bit more towards entrepreneurship, it is by Gary Vaynerchuck. To me, all his videos can be applied for anything, sepecially the video below. I've heard the other day something like "yeah, it is ok to take baby steps, but baby steps are for babies, be a grown up and make things happen" - WOW, right? That is exactly how I felt after watching Gary's video. 

Fourth obsession, is DIY beauty products. After going make up free for a month, I realized how many chemicals were in everything I was using. I would walk out of my apartment already with thousands of them. From shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, moisturizer, make up! and the list can go on and on! I kept digging in to the topic and after watching "The human experiment" on Netflix I decided to take action! I bought all natural toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, deodorant and decided to make my own facial wash and moisturizer! 

Here is the recipe for the facial wash (click on the image)

Photo by

Photo by

I have seen a massive change in my skin, especially my face! and it's refreshing to know what I am putting on my body everyday!

I hope you liked this list! I know it is a bit different and maybe a bit harsh to watch those videos, but to me, being healthy is more than a six pack a daily exercise routine! it does come from inside out. 

Please, share, comment and tell me what you thoughts are! I'd love to hear it!

Until the next one!







Ana Alarcon