That time I was on TV!

I have never been good on camera, I always get nervous, don't know what I have to say and laugh a lot because I get so nervous. But said yes to be part of a local show call "Living Well", and it was such a good experience! 

I couldn't helped but think about how I looked on camera, and all those stupid fears! I told myself to relax, have fun and that who cares how I looked, I was there and I was going to be fine. 

Once arrived to the studio, I got the mic set up, and tested the sound. It was kinda weird looking everything from the other side. The production staff was super nice, they were giving me and Inbar tips and just telling us that everything was going to be fine. 

I was the first one to go. I was hoping not to screw it up so I took a deep breath and sat down next to Karen. The questions started to flow and my answers felt normal. I wasn't nervous or shaking at all! I honestly felt like I was telling my story to a friend. 

Thank you again Karen for having me, and thanks Inbar for sharing this experience with me!

Here it is the episode!

Feel free to share, watch and laugh at my awkwardness :p 

Until the next one!



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