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Once an Instagram scroll a time, I found Inbar's Instagram. I immediately fell in love with her feed, just have a look, it is full with amazing recipes.

After a few months of following each other, we accidentally met at a health and wellness event in Boston. We sat down next to each other, started talking about health coaching and then we asked each other for our Instagram. Soon after we realized we were already following each other!

We've met a few times since then, and got plenty conversations around health, fitness and recipes! 

I asked her to share with you a little bit about herself and her favorite recipe. Believe me, you will want to make it! 

  • My nickname is: Brrrrr
  • The first thing I do when I wake up is:  Plank... and then hot water + lemon
  •  I can't live without: My running playlists
  •  If I had one week to escape: Morocco! It's been on my list forever
  • If I only had $10 in my pocket: Take the ferry across the Boston harbor and get a coffee on the other side overlooking the water- love Boston!! 
  • Everything tastes better with a little: Peanut butter- duh!

Hi there! I'm Inbar, Boston resident, runner, yoga lover, wellness coach, and of course lover of all things healthy/food/organic/fresh/delicious! I focus a lot on food, because I truly see it as nourishing to both body and mind. I do believe that when you eat well, you feel well, you exercise well, you think well, and you can pretty much tackle any problems and deal with everyday life with a sound and healthy mind. And let's face it- food brings us all together!! I try to experiment and innovate with new and old recipes all the time. One of my all time favorites is Shakshuka- which is a traditional tomato, pepper, & egg dish that I grew up with. It is protein & veggie packed, perfect for literally any meal of the day, so easy to make, healthful and soooo yummy! 

– 2 tbs extra virgin olive oil
– 1/2 yellow onion (chopped)
– 1/2 red bell pepper (chopped)
– 1 tbs smashed garlic
– 1 tsp paprika
– 1 tsp cumin
– dash cayenne (depending on how spicy or mild you like it)
– dash red pepper flakes
– 28 oz can whole peeled tomatoes
– 4-5 eggs
– salt & pepper to taste
– fresh chopped parsley to garnish
– goat cheese/chèvre to garnish
– side of whole grain or challah toast

1. Heat stovetop to med-high. Add olive oil.
2. Add onion and bell pepper to pan, stir occasionally for about 5 minutes.
3. Add spices, stir for about 2 min.
4. Add tomatoes, and gently crush in skillet with back of spoon. Let sauce thicken about 12 minutes.
5. Reduce heat to med-low.
6. Using the back of a wooden spoon, make indentations in sauce and add an egg to each indentation. You can temper the egg white into the tomato sauce if you like.
7. Cover skillet to let eggs poach about 10 minutes or until they are cooked to your liking.
8. Add parsley and chèvre to garnish and serve with whole grain bread or challah toast. Voila!

Don't miss any other of Inbar's recipes! she share her knowledge on her blog and Instagram

 Until the next one!





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