If you haven't joined the #LETSPLANKCHALLENGE let me give you 5 reasons why you should!

1. You will strengthen your core 

2. Lean up your abs (oh hey six pack, I can see you coming!)

3. Improve your posture

4. Meet new girls! (hello new instagram friends!)

5. Get to say you are badass because you finished! + win some cool swag (um yes new clothes!)

Not conviced yet?

Let me give ya a quick run down.

#LETSPLANKCHALLENGE was created for you, to create core strength. The first 10 days (phase 1) is to go back to basics, we hold a plank and we build up our time. Phase 2 + 3, well, let me tell ya that you will be shaking, of happiness! cause we are going to really work that core. 

If you missed the first 4 days, no worries, you can still jump on board. What do you need to do? Click here, Plank for at least 50 seconds, post a photo on instagram or twitter and use #LETSPLANKCHALLENGE so we can see it, and follow all the babes below, 'cause they rock, and are crushing the challenge!


We can't wait to see you planking!

Babes, keep killing it. Day 5 is here and we are going to smash it!!!!

Don't forget that the girl finishing the 30 days and posting about it, will get a nice swag bag! 


Can't wait to see you planking!



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