Can you believe 10 days have past???

When we think of time and the length of parts of our life, we often get scared and stress and wonder how are we going to overcome it. Is like, this challenge! I saw a few comments saying, "but it is so long", and "omg, I couldn't do it" but let me tell you, that time will pass by either way. The difference is what you decide to do with that time. One hour of Netflix binging is the same hour you could have walk or hold your plank! 

The same 12 weeks of any workout program, is the same 12 weeks you could spend not investing in yourself.

The past 10 days were challenging, and for most of us, took us to a very uncomfortable place. For some of you, is the first time you hold a plank for 2 minutes, or maybe the first time sticking to a fitness challenge. Whatever it is, you are doing AMAZING! And I couldn't be happier that we are doing it together

Let's celebrate this past days by encouraging and supporting the babes that are doing this challenge.

Don't forget to follow them, use #LETSPLANKCHALLENGE #LETSPLANKCHALLENGESQUAD when sharing your photo proof, and check your email tomorrow, because PHASE 2 is here! and can't wait to share it with you!

Ana Alarcon