Golden, Tasty and Unexpected, the hidden spice you will LOVE!

I have recently started to read more and more about nutrition, and specially vegan nutrition. I want to make sure that I get all the nutrients my body needs (since everyone seems to worry about it too much when going vegan!).

Matt and I decided to buy two books that seem to have a lot of information about a plant bases diet. When I say a lot of info, I mean scientific facts that have proven how amazing a plant-based diet is. I am not going to bored you with all the info, but if you are interested, here and here are the books I am talking about.

Since we started reading over  Dr. Michael Gregger website, it has become our go to source for all nutrition facts. We have been introduced too a lot of different information that we had no idea. I’ve decided to peak the ones that had blown me away the most and write about them! I hope you find it useful and enjoy it.

One of the biggest findings has been turmeric! I have always associated turmeric to Indian food, especially to yellow curry. I honestly can’t think other time I have eaten turmeric.

Then my favorite foodie bloggers were clotting my emails with this Golden delicious looking milk. I kept wondering what it was, until I decided to open the recipes and realized it was Turmeric.

Believe me, I am like you, I like trying new things but my first thought is “how the heck I am going to do it” and “there is no way I can make it”.

Turmeric contains loads of nutrients, especially antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds

In one of my trips to Marshall's, I found a little package with powder turmeric. I decided to buy it and make this amazing golden milk for once and for all.

But wait, what is turmeric?

Turmeric is a rhizomatous herbaceous perennial plant of the ginger family, Zingiberaceae. It does look like ginger a lot, but a smaller root and a bit more orange colored. You can find it at any super market and most farmers market. What it makes it super special is that, according to Dr. Michael Gregger, “The spice turmeric has long been used to fight inflammation and may be able to improve endothelial function. Consuming turmeric may also be able to help with multiple myelomaosteoarthritisrheumatoid arthritis, and treat and prevent Alzheimer’s.” and in McKel words Turmeric contains loads of nutrients, especially antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds” Basically, it is amazing for you!

I have been enjoying this beautiful spice on my meals and making golden milk. Now, that is summer, I add ice to it and make it into a iced turmeric latte (always with almond milk!).

Here 3 recipes where you can use Turmeric:

1. Turmeric Milk by Nutrition Stripped.

My favorite recipe out there, I use maple syrup instead and is magic.

My favorite recipe out there, I use maple syrup instead and is magic.

2. Golden milk Ice cream by Minimalist Baker. 

Perfect for summer! 

Perfect for summer! 

3. AND to TREAT YO'SELF: Turmeric and Honey Face Mask by SimpleMedicine. 

You all set, now get out there and get this amazing spice!!! and let's celebrate over a Ice Golden Almond Milk Turmeric Latte (Wow, that would be a long Starbucks order!).

Now, is your turn:

What is your favorite Turmeric recipe?

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