I often get asked how do I stay motivated all the time, and my honest answer is that I don't. I'm not motivated all the time, there are some days that I just don't want to workout, and I want to eat the pizza, or the ice cream, instead of my salad. And some days I do. 

But there are some things that I do that help stay accountable with myself, and that over time, they have become habits. 

These tips, or things I do, work for me, and they might work for you as well, or they might not. But I believe that you gotta try it out, change up your routine, and get it done. 

All these "things I do" aren't something new, and you have probably seem them before. A while back, I started to listening, and reading interviews with very successful entrepreneurs, CEOs, actresses, and more! and all of them kept repeating the same things over and over, and I was over here trying to recreate the wheel, when I just had to adopt these habits, and don't break what isn't broken. All of these, let's call it great minds, stay healthy, workout and prep ahead. 

So I just took there tips, and use them in all aspects of my life. Specially in fitness. I love moving my body, but once I made it part of my life and not a chore, it became enjoyable. 

Here my 7 tips any fit mamacita needs to adopt today.



I spoke about this on my 2017 recap, but once you stop caring about what others think, you will feel free. And believe me, they are not even thinking about you. They are more worried about themselves. 

So don't worry to be the new in class, or try a new fitness routine, just do it. People will have their opinions on what you should do, and what works better, but you are the only one that knows what makes YOU FEEL BETTER. You know what your body needs. So just do it.


Ya know we all love a good margarita, or a rosé. But they add up mamacitas, and we all know alcohol is basically poison for our bodies. So limit the amount you drink. I'm not saying stop, because if that makes you happy than is ok, but having it every night, or binging on it every weekend is not making any favors to your body. 

I don't care about the calorie intake (although they are empty calories), the damage that causes to your brain and liver it is not worth it. Plus, waking up every weekend feeling like shit, and hardly remember your actions, isn't my ideal morning. 

Everything in moderation. I do enjoy some beers and cocktails, occasionally, but I now know how enjoy the drink, instead of using it just to get drunk and forget my life, or to have fun. Believe me, you are fun they way you are. 


If you have seen my latest blog post, they are all about the meal prep. I'm not crazy about meal prepping every single meal for my week, but I love having sides ready to be eaten in my fridge. As well, I always have frozen soups, and fruits for the late night cravings, or the lazy days. 

Being prepared for your week, will make you so much more productive, and you will be able to bring your stress levels down, as well as fueling your body the right way and ditching the take out. 

By prepping my meals the night before, I'm setting myself for success. I also write down my workouts and add them to my calendar, like another meeting. So I keep the promise to myself.

Also Matt has been my workout buddy, together we keep ourselves accountable. 


As I said before, this is KEY! You need to enjoy working out. They are SO MANY WAYS to do it, and they don't have to be at a gym. Just pick something you like, and do it often. It doesn't have to be what everyone does, and it doesn't have to be to get toned, or loose weight. It just have to be for you to move your body everyday.

I have tried countless of fitness classes, workout guides, apps, anything, just for me to find what I truly enjoy, and now that I have found it, i just stick to it. 

It makes me feel good, my body burns some energy and it keeps my health in check. 


Being and staying fit doesn't happen overnight. Just like you don't get good at math or any sport just after one session. Same with staying healthy. 

You have to eat regularly good food, move your body everyday, and practice mindfulness on a regular basis to see the changes. And this is for life, you don't want to workout or eat healthy for the summer, or for a wedding, you wanna do it to keep your body young and healthy for a very long time. 

So just be patient, stay consistent, and you will feel so much better.


This is key! So many people eat healthy and exercise, but their sleep is poor and they water consumption is so low that they are always tired and with headaches. You are pretty much over working your body without rest. So make sure you sleep at least 7-8 hours everyday, and drink your water. 

I love turning my laptop off couple hours before bed time, and putting my phone away as well. I have a small night routine that helps me getting into bed time mood, and feel relax to sleep well. 


It doesn't have to be to have a six pack, or look good for a wedding, but having goals helps you stay accountable. 

I often write my goals around a number of reps, or time on my circuits, instead of a number on the scale. Other times, I write down the number of workouts and yoga sessions I want to achieve in the week, and I stick to it. 

Writing it down and adding it to my calendar, helps me stay accountable, and it is a visible way for me to see my achievements. 

Right now my goal is to add HIIT workouts, and yoga to my sessions, so I add them to planner, and my calendar, and I make sure I get it done. At the end of the week, I look if I did it or not, and what happened, and I plan ahead accordingly to that. 

What are your tips for our fitties?

Tell me in the comments!