Two years ago I decided to changed my life. I decided to leave a very comfortable job where I was earning more than my fellow 24 year old friends. I decided that I wanted to really get into a marketing job, and do fitness blogging on the side. I had no clue how I was gonna do both but I was fed up and could't keep going so, I quit. 

2016 was hard, like how the fuck I´m supposed to pay my bills hard. Like I wanna crawl in my bed and cry all day hard. Than it got harder. Because that is life. When you think you had enough, you get tested again. 

So it got harder. I lost my twin brother at the end of October. And for real this time, my life changed forever. I had never experience something like that. Many people say we come to this world alone, and we leave alone. But I didn't, I came to this world with someone, I was never really alone. We grew up together. We learnt together. I'm not ready yet to share a lot of that. But let me tell you, grief is a bitch. And life is even worse. 

October and November 2016 were already hell, then December came. I was so happy to travel back home to spend some much needed time with my family, when my life got a bit bitter. I experienced first hand what being assaulted meant. You know, just like those crazy stories you hear on the news, that some random chick got punched for no apparent reason and was left to her mercy on the street while bleeding on a pitch dark winter morning. Yep that was me. As dramatic as it sounds. That was me. 

More than ever I wanted 2016 to finish. I really needed a "fresh start", so I made the promise to myself that 2017 was going to be different. I was going to be strong, make my brother proud, and make shit happen. 

Guess what? 2017 hasn’t been easy. It has been a year of learning. From career to friendships, to really listen to myself and my gut. To redefine who I am, what I want, where I'm going, to learn that it's ok not to be ok, to ask for help and to say no. 

I have learned many things this year, and I hope some of them resonate with you, and you can see we are not alone in this world, and whatever happens we are not the only ones going through the same. 

Here's what I've learnt: 

  • That life sucks. and people suck. But when you are about to to give up, hold tight a bit because you will find those who matter and that life it is just telling you to be strong and you got it.
  • To trust my gut and my intuition. That is actually telling me who to trust and what to do next. 
  • That things will never be easy. EVER. but I'm stronger than I think. 
  • That I do things differently and that is ok.
  •  That I needed to stop people pleasing ages ago. Like it shouldn't even be a thing. 
  • That people will always talk, for the good and the bad. So move on and stop caring of what others think.
  • TO REALLY STOP CARING WHAT OTHERS THINK OF ME. I stopped and OMG the life on the other side it is so much better! 
  • To trust people, the right ones. 
  • TO ASK FOR HELP.  that is ok, that it doesn't make me weak or a loser. 
  • To cultivate relationships over business. I much rather count friends than enemies. I said no to things that I know it was hurting my relationships, because I value that person more than money. 
  • To know my value. OMG this is hard. and I'm still working on it, but once you know your value life changes friends. 
  • That I don't need 100k+ social media followers to make an impact or create a business. We all have influence on others, for the good or the bad, and thinking that my value was measured with numbers on an app was just stupid. Once I switched my mindset and started to really dig on my why, shit started to happen. ANYONE can build an empire, as long as they believe in themselves. 
  • Comparison trap it is that, a trap. I learned to pass that and cheer for others while focusing on my own shit. 
  • That yes, life sucks, but I fucking love mine. Yes some days I crawl in bed and cry, but I have the power to create my future. AND THAT IS FUCKING POWERFUL. 
  • and that I love being vegan, not harming others has given me peace of mind. That showing this part of my life with others has actually made an impact on many, and can't wait to see what brings on my life. 

There are many things I have learned in the past year and many others I am still working on. Many of which will be a big part of my life in 2018. 

I feel so Proud of myself though, it is a weird feeling and sensation to share with others, because for some reason women never celebrate it, like we think we should be liked and by saying we are proud of what we've done, others will think we are being vein, and hey, maybe, I'm a Leo and we love being the center of attention, but to be honest, I just feel proud. I feel proud that I have been able to walk away from things that don't serve me, to ask for help, to create a business where I get to be myself and that I have the power to grow it. 

There are many things I need to work in my personal life and my career, but I'm ok with that. I'm ok to explore the unknown and figure out where this is going. I'm excited for what 2018 will bring and what I'm creating for you, and this little space. 


  • More plant based content linked with fitness. Think Workouts, recipes, products.... (yep!!!)
  • again, way more content!! from recipes and workouts, to self-development and must to do's as 20 something badasses. 
  • Events to bring this community together, like hold on tight it is going to be awesome.
  • Bring new fun classes to you...oh can't wait! 
  • Knowing the value of my work and work with brands who understand and appreciate the partnerships and friendships that can come about from collaborating together. 
  • Surround myself with people that uplift me, believe in me and don’t make me doubt who I am or what I am doing (a lot of this comes with just more self confidence and not letting others opinion get me)
  • To slow down on and really take days off, like an actual full day off. 
  • To learn to work better and more efficient to deliver more to you. 
  • Travel more, and to spend time with my family (the Mexican and the Aussie), without having to "work"
  • To take my own fitness goals seriously, and work for them.
  • Actually practice more yoga and meditation, along with reading. 
  • SELF LOVE and reminding myself that I am proud to be here today, doing what I love and I should feel accomplished instead of planning what is next. LIVE IN THE MOMENT!