THE ROUTINE SERIES: Natural skin care, no make up days and more!

I will admit it, skin care and make up it feels foreign to me sometimes. I thought I knew the basics of it, and I was good to go ya know, I was able to apply blush and mascara, and sometimes wash my face with nice natural products and that was all good. I felt good. 

But than sudden random pimples and weird skin rashes appeared and didn't matter what I did, they will always seem to come back. I thought it was hormonal, or diet, but nope. It was purely what I was using. 

It has been over a year now that I started to shift all my beauty products to all non-toxic ones. I used to use whatever soap to clean my face, and whatever make up to be honest. I wasn't aware of the chemicals found on so many products. So slowly I started to change. It took time, research, trial and error, but it happened. 

Once I changed everything, I thought I would be ok. But still nothing. I know.... so I decided to give a new products and routines ago. 

Here it is what I do:

At least one day a week I go make up free. NOTHING. I don't wear tons of make up on the daily basis, but I do make a conscious effort to spend one day with nothing. My skin needs some time to breath. 

Changed my pillow case every single week. I am gross guys, like gross. And I used to use the same pillow case, no washing, for weeks. GROSSSSSS. I know. Who even am I. But now, I do make the effort to change it, clean it, once a week. 

Wash my face every single night. I know, we all have those long days where you don't want to take your make up off and wash your face. But just do it. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.32.08 PM.png

I changed my morning creams for oils. I use Oly by M, all organic and natural company, I use the Toner followed by the Morning beauty and the Balance at night. I have noticed amazing benefits, and my skin is always smooth, soft, and hydrate. 

For my body I use coconut oil, by Kopari, or Morocan Beauty Oil by Andalou (can be found on Wholefoods). I also like to keep it all natural, and away from chemicals as much as possible. 


I use Clay once a week to clear my skin, and detox my body. It is super affordable and you it will clean your skin soooo much more than other products. I got this one from Thrive Market. and it has lasted me sooo long! Clay has amazing health benefits, give it a try!. 

Now let's talk make up.

I have a few favorite brands, and I'm trying to keep it as natural as possible. All the brands are cruelty free and non toxic. And as you can see I don't really use a lot of make up.

-Primer and foundation: Vapour. 

-Concelear: Mylk Make up.

-Bronzer by Inika Organics

-Blush by Juice Beauty

-Highlighter by Mylk make up.

-Eyeshadow palette by Tarte Cosmetics.

All my brushes are by Mineral Fusion and Inika Organics. 

Screen Shot 2018-02-07 at 1.32.27 PM.png

To clean my make up at nights, I use spin brush by Vanity Planet, and Derma-e hydrating cleanser. I typically use a little make up remover towel I have and rub coconut oil (the one above) in my face to remove the make up, and than I will cleanse with Derma-e and the spin brush. I use the small brush for everyday, and the long one, once a week. 


And that's it! I know they are sooo many different brands listed, and seems like many steps. BUT it took me FOREVER to find brands I liked and my skin loved as well. 

I will say keep it simple, use oils you have at home to start, avocado or coconut oil are amazing. Some brands like Andalou and Derma-e are sold at Whole foods, which makes it super convenient, and Thrive Market. You don't need fancy expensive brands to feel beautiful and have healthy skin. This products help, but good healthy skin is linked to nutrition, so start there. 

Do you use any of these products? Which ones are your favorites?

Tell me in the comments!