For a while, I wanted to start this series but never got it done. But I LOVE seeing it on other blogs, and vlogs! I'm starting with this one, and will probably add a youtube version one. But for now, this one is my first FAVORITE list of the month. 

I hope you like it!





They have been my go-to savory snack. You might have seen me tagging them a lot on social media, adding them on my salads, and just eating them from the bag. They are crunchy, salty and kinda vinagery taste. They are like mega chickpeas, and have way more protein than other legumes. Highly recommend them! 

Amazon Core 10 workout set. 



I got these sets from a collaboration (that you will see soon!), and I was skeptical to be honest, but I wanted to give it a try. And let me tell you, it is worth it. They are stretchy but tight enough, definitely squat proof and actually pretty cute if you ask me. They are super comfy as well, and they are good for any workout, I have done sprints, squats, yoga, burpees...anything really, and they don't move at all! 

Healthy Chicks Spark deck


I got this as a Christmas present I think, but didn't really use it until the start of year. I shuffle them pretty much every morning and set my intention around. I like the messages in them, the "homework" and just the habit around it. I use it as a form of meditation, and journaling, and have noticed a few changes since using them. 


Poms class by BarreGroove.

Some of you might don't know this but I danced in high school and it was a dream of mine to keep dancing forever, but I wasn't that good, or had the discipline to keep doing it. However, dancing brings me so much joy, like I feel 16 again when I do it. So when I saw my friend Alanna started to host Poms classes at her studio I was all on board. It is exactly what you are thinking, dancing with big gold pom poms. Just like high school cheerleaders, or in my head like Patriots cheerleaders. Believe, I am no near good or want to be really, but it is sooooo fun! 

This workout routine. #dead

Also, as some of you know I was following my friends Alejandra workout plan for me, she gave me some freedom to add some core routines and well I got creative. This one is one of my favorite ones! 


No social Sundays.

During the month of January I partnered up with Vega to promote time off from Social media, to get out and enjoy the outdoors. So for four Sundays I stayed off social media and my phone. It was hard to be honest, but it was soooo good! I found myself bored, and with time. Shocking. Being sarcastic here. But for real, I felt kinda free, and although I wanted to share some cool things with you, I also felt like I could enjoy without having to share. This blogging life it is weird, and although I love it, I really appreciate time off and turning my phone off. 

Sunday Brunches at Jugos Supremo with Matt.

Since we had more time, and I finally have Sundays off, we started to roll to Supremo a bit more often. We spend way too much money on Acai bowls, but we love it. The place is super cool, and the area is also pretty cute. 

Started teaching at LYNX!

This has been so exciting! Some of you know I have been teaching at Btone for a year now, but I added some more classes over a new (pretty cool gym if you ask me) place in Boston. I have the  freedom to teach whatever I want and I LOVE IT! You can see my full schedule here. But besides that, I just really love the staff, the owners, trainers, pretty much everyone. It makes my days happy :)


Cable girls:

This is the most dramatic Spanish show ever, but I love it. It is set in the 50s I think, and is about a new telephone company in Madrid, woman's issues, and so much more. If you speak Spanish and love their accent, watch it. Or if you are ok with subtitles, also watch it. Is on Netflix! 

Vanderpump rules:

Ok, I am not proud of this. Like at all. But I binge watched a whole season and I am hooked. It is soooo bad but so good reality TV. Believe me, I'm not a reality TV person at all, but this got me. Have you watched it?


Rich Roll Podcast Episode 342:

This one was super interesting! Rich Roll interviewed Paul Shapiro, a long-time vegan and mainstream voice for agricultural sustainability. I learnt other ways we can stop climate change besides eating a plant based diet, like "clean meat!" which is “lab-harvested” meat. Give it a listen, or get Paul's book. According to Paul, the clean meat revolution is upon us — and it holds the potential to save the world.


What did you think? Also, tell me in the comments which ones where your favorite!




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