20 Minute HIIT Leg Workout

Hello there, 

I am extra happy this week because Boston weather is getting better and better, which means being out more and using less layers! 

I have been working more and more on lifting heavy to gain more strength in my legs but they are days that a good finisher or home/park workout is needed. Specially with warmer weather! So I put together my favorite leg movements into a lil circuit that takes 20 minutes (or less!) and wanted to share it with you.

No needed of equipment but if you feel strong, add a few light dumbbells for an extra burn. I do this workout as my cardio (when no using weights) or when I have no time to spend hours at the gym.

Here it s:



Start standing with feet hip’s distance apart and your arms straight overhead. Your hands will stay up like this the entire time. Step your right foot back behind you, planting the ball of the foot on the floor as you bend your knees, lunging down until the right knee rests on the ground. Both knees should be at opposing 90-degree angles. Step your left foot back to meet the right so that you’re kneeling on the ground. Step your right foot forward so that you’re in the same position as before, just with the opposite foot in front. Press off that front right foot as you stand up and bring the back left foot to meet the right in your starting standing position. It sounds more confusing than it is—you essentially just go from standing to kneeling to standing, leading with your right foot the whole time.


 Start in a split-stance lunge: right foot in front, ball of left foot planted on the floor behind you. Both knees should be bent to 90 degrees, front knee aligned over ankle, back knee hovering just a couple inches off the floor. From here, push off your feet to jump up in the air, switching feet in mid-air and landing back in a lunge with left foot forward and right foot planted behind. Continue, alternating feet with each jump. If jumping is too much, modify by stepping forward into alternating lunges.


Stand with your feet about shoulder-width apart with your toes angled slightly outward. Squat down, and in your way up lift your right leg to side like if you were going to kick someone (angry issues solver) - the kick doesn't have to be super high, it matter more that you can hold your balance. 

Then do a happy dance cause you killed it ;)


wearing: mesh crop top by booty by brabants, Mesh "Fierce" crop top by Reebok. Similar here. Gray Leggings by Reebok classics. Similar here.