21-Day Core Challenge

Wasss up guys! We have 8 days left in the challenge. I am super amazed how everyone is doing, and wanted to do a small recap before we say sayonara.

If you don't know what the challenge is, how to get into it or just want to know more, here a few pointers. Don't feel FOMO I will be doing more challenges soon!

21-Day Core Challenge is a little push to finish this summer strong, I thought that before the holidays arrive we could do a little challenge to keep ourselves motivated while we work our core. I didn't want to focus just on abs, so I thought working our core would be a perfect idea, also, if your core is strong your body then follows!

This challenge started September 1st, and will go for 21 days. Why 21? well, I have read and hear everywhere that 21 days are perfect to build a habit, so its perfect. Whether you were getting back on track, starting school and need something fast, or just need a little different this challenge will help you get there!

What is the workout about? Fast workouts that can be done from anywhere with no need of equipment. If at any time you think is too hard, make sure to modify, and if it is too easy, add a pair of dumbbells to add challenge. However, this challenge wasn't supposed to replace your current workout routine, is just made to slowly increase your current core strength and can be added to your current workout routine.  

The fun part, PRIZES!  yes! babes participating are able to win a few awesome things!

1st. place will get a swag bag with a head to toe Reebok outfit like this one. Plus, products from Unico Protein and  Organic Bath Co. 

2nd & 3rd Place a swag bag with products from Unico Nutrition and Organic Bath Co. 

Official Rules are here. but a little reminder, just in case you missed them or planning in jump in the next challenge!

1. Make sure to enter your information here

2. Every time you finish a workout, either tweet me or post a photo on instagram. Use #21DayCoreChallenge and tag me, to make sure I see it. Each time you post a photo or tweet you get an extra entry to win one of the prizes. Tweets do not necessarily have to have a photo. 

Super easy! 

Want to see babes crushing the challenge? follow the babes below! and babes, you are crushing it, can't wait to see what you thought at the end!

If you like this challenge, please, let me know! I would love to organize more, and if you want more, please, let me know which type of challenges you want to do!