24 Hours In Newport

A few weeks ago I was sitting with a few Boston friends talking about future plans and what we were up to. We all share similar busy schedules and when we can scape and have a few days off it is amazing. 

We all had plans with out families or boyfriends but we realized we haven't had a lot of friend trips or girl nights in months. We needed a trip together ASAP! 

A few days after, Kerri texted us saying she founded the perfect opportunity. Through her contacts, she organized a night at The Attwater in Newport, RI. for us to stay and try their new yoga series. I quickly said yes, because a night away in a beach town I've never been with friends, well that has to be a YES. 

Sarah, Kerri and I packed our bags and went down to Newport for 24 hours. Perfect for a quick getaway and get out the city noise. But close enough to come back to our regular schedule. 

After yoga - wearing Amari Yoyogi top and Chaka Capris

Newport is a town where you will find everything health and wellness related, plus pretty fun places to hang out at night. Even if you are there for a short period of time, there are places you can't miss! 

I was super surprised to see a lot of yoga studios and smoothie bars, most places offered vegan options or were super open to adapt their menu. They even had an Australian coffee shop! 

Chickpea Salad at the Empire Tea and Coffee

Here the places you need to see and restaurants and coffee shops you need to go to:

1. Stay at The Attwater. Beautiful rooms, close to the beach and town (within 10 mins walk), yoga class, breakfast included and beautiful patio. The yoga class was only for the 3 of us, and a perfect slow and deep stretch session. Highly recommend it!

2. Have a coffee at Empire Tea and Coffee. To be more specific, their Matcha was AMAZING. They offer a macadamia milk that is to die for and their chickpea bowl was delisshhhhhh - I had it for brunch and I could have eaten probably two of them. 

3. Smoothies at Raw Power Juice Bar were super good! Kerri got a green smoothie that looked super yummy. Super friendly staff and super helpful to adjust their menu. 

4. Have the veggie burger at Kenwaah. This was the first place we had lunch at and OMG! the BBG tempeh burger was super good, and the Muffins, well...I didn't want to share it. Not every option is vegan, but they were also super friendly and helpful!

5. Have dinner, drinks and have fun at Salvation Cafe. Everyone we knew told us we needed to try it out. I wasn't convinced to be honest because I couldn't see the menu in advance (I wanted to make sure I could eat :p) but once we got there I was in love with the place. The vibe was my style, super low key, good music, and beach style. But then the food was AMAZING! they had a few vegetarian options that were easily change to vegan, and the sangria was perfect. We also hang out for a bit at the fourth beach (they have a small area with sand and fire for you to enjoy!). but by far my favorite place in Newport. 

We walked around the town and found really cute stores and thrift shops (were I wanted to buy everything), yoga studios, and more! 

Sadly the weather wasn't beach weather (oh well!) but that didn't stop us of having a great time.

Have you been to Newport?

If, so which ones are your favorite spots?


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