26 SuperFood packed recipes!

Super foods, such a great name for yummy food. Though there is no legal or medical definition, superfoods are nutrient powerhouses that pack large doses of antioxidants, polyphenols, vitamins, and minerals. 

I was recently invited to a super food workshop. I was super intrigued, because I see the super food word everywhere, specially, in overpriced weird food names. I do use chia seeds on everything, but is because in Mexico we use it a lot. It is super normal to make lemon water with chia seeds in it. 

The workshop was lead by Kerri Axelrod, a certified holistic health coach. Kerri broke down what super foods are, show us a few of her favorite ones, where to get them and how to use it. Always making sure to create balance meals, include protein, carbs and fats every time. 

Naturally, feeling extra smart when leaving the workshop, I convince Matt to buy a few products. One thing that I remember Kerri said was to buy the ones your daily life is missing out, don't go ahead an purchase half of whole foods! just get what your diet needs. For example, my diet was missing antioxidants and protein, so we went and got goji berries (always get them at an Asian super market 'cause they are cheaper!) and cacao nibs. 

After, I was wondering how to use them and in which recipes I could add them. So, to make my life easier I asked my fellow bgb bloggers for their favorite recipes for me to share with you all, and obvs make them myself! 

Enjoy yourself:

(clic each photo for the recipe)

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