There is no secret about that eating more plant based it is the healthier option for our body. If you think about it, every single diet tells you to eat more vegetables, less animal products and remove highly process foods, right? 

Whether you are looking to transition into a fully vegan or plant based lifestyle or simple eat a bit healthier, here are some tips that have helped in the past few years. 

1. Start adding more vegetables to your diet. 

If you want to live a healthy vegan lifestyle, I would highly recommend to start adding more vegetables to your diet. Vegan junk food, it is that. Junk food. It is delicious? yes but not because it is vegan it means it is healthy. 

Also, if your diet right now is based around animal products and junk food, you will struggle to get used to eat a plant based diet. 

My tip, is to add leafy greens to every meal. To your smoothies, to your lunch and dinners, and maybe, just maybe, you add another veggies, start simple, add more cucumber or onions, or carrots. Whatever your favorite veggies are. 

2. Make simple swaps.

I really don't love the words "ditching" and "eliminating" - I feel that they are not very inclusive and make you feel stress because you are giving away certain things. Changing the way you eat it is hard, I get it. But if you start by swapping certain foods, it will make it easier.

Here 3 simple swaps:

  • Snacks: instead of having cheese or a pack of crackers/cookies, have an apple or hummus, or any fruit you like. Fruit has tons of sugars that will convert into energy, and will make you ditch the 3pm coffee. I bring apples and bananas with me everywhere.
  • Nut milk instead of dairy.  If you are in this blog is because you already know how bad dairy for you, and if you don't, here it is a very informative video. Buying or even better, making your own nut milk will make your transition a bit easier. I use almond milk on my coffee and oatmeal, but you can really use in anything. I would recommend to try different brands and nut milks out there and pick the one you liked the most. 
  • Cheese and yoghurt. I used to love cheese, in fact, I was addicted. It was the hardest for me to give up. But if you didn't know, cheese is it highly addictive, because of an ingredient called casein, a protein found in all milk products. During digestion, casein releases opiates called casomorphins, they really play with the dopamine receptors and trigger that addictive element. Just like drugs. CRAZY. So yes, swaping dairy cheese with vegan cheese it is like winning the lottery. They are many brands out there now, but my favorite ones are Kite hill "cream cheese" and Field Roast "chao cheese" - Really tasty, and healthier than the dairy one. 

3. Eat 1 or 2 Plant based meals everyday. 

Start with a vegan breakfast or  dinner, something you have more control over. Oatmeal it is the easier breakfast that can be prepare the night before or in the morning, it takes 5 mins. This is my favorite recipe, but make your own. 

Make it a habit to choose the vegan option when eating out, or bring your lunch. Honestly, if you are already super healthy, you are most likely eating tons of plant based meals either way. 

They are so many options at restaurants now, but also many blogs with recipes and cookbooks. 

Here are my favorite vegan food blogs:

These are very simple tips anyone can adopt today, it doesn't have to complicated, a plant based diet it is very easy to follow and you will be surprised how tasty it is! 

If you want to really follow a plant based diet, hold on tight,  I will be writing more tips on how to do it. 

For now, what are our struggles when eating a plant based diet? and what has helped YOU? Let me know in the comments.