4 reasons to be "Dig Inn" obsessed!

When grabbing a quick meal in the city I tend to struggle. As a foodie, and now vegan eater, I like to make sure my meals are tasty, healthy and somehow on a reasonable price.

I rarely eat out, but when I do I wonder what I am putting in my body. I might be the only one, but if you like tasty food that can be somehow healthy, you know that isn't always easy to find a great spot. 

Living in Boston is great, is still a big city but not as big as NYC, it doesn't smell bad in the summer and you can still walk around without thinking someone will steal your purse. Downside, it takes forever for great restaurants, fitness classes or cool things to come this way. We are getting there, but I would like to walk around knowing that I have more than 2 options when eating healthy. 

Good news are Dig Inn is in town, and they are bringing the best of the best!

If you haven't been to Dig Inn before, here a four reasons why you should be overly obsessed too:

1. Their Values, or Dig-Isms as they call them. Dig Inn isn't a vegan eatery, however, they serve mostly vegetables, from farms (mostly local!) and roll with seasons. No veggies that have been refrigerated for months, but berries that were picked up from a local farm the day before. UMMM YESSSSS!!!

They place their Dig-Isms in every location and Corporate Offices!

They place their Dig-Isms in every location and Corporate Offices!

2. Their food. No surprise here. Not only the food is instagram worthy, but is delicious! they offer brekky, brunch, lunch and dinner. From avo toasts to salads and sauces (yes, they make their own siracha!) My staple brekky there is overnight oats with chia.  Also, their almond milk matcha latte is gold! (I am talking taste here not color, still green!). No added half a liter of sugars in it. THANK YOU FOR THIS! See their menu here.

Their avo toast or almond butter toast are heaven!

Their avo toast or almond butter toast are heaven!

3. Their prices. UUMMM YESSS! Nice to know that I don't have to spend $40 dlls for lunch is the best feeling ever. As speaking with a team member, most of their meals average between $11-$13 dlls, and if you get fancy (umm me!) it will be around $15. Don't forget you are eating fresh produce, locally grown meals, not overly processed macca's. 

4. and THEIR LOCATION. ok, one thing is that the food is amazing, but the place. It makes you feel like if you were somewhere in Italy. It so bright and open, full of pastels colors and lights. I can tell you, if someone is taking you there for a date, you will almost forget you are on a "healthy fast-food" place. If you are an instagrammer, this is a perfect spot for those gram worthy photos, and if you are not, it is just a great place to sit down, have a coffee and look over Copley Square. 

I spy my working/date/everything spot right there!

I spy my working/date/everything spot right there!

I hope you enjoy this new gem as much as I did, and hope I can see you there soon! I promise you, you'll find me seating there more than once!

Now is your turn:

What are your favorite lunch spots in the city? (Whatever you live!)

Which spot would like you to bring to Boston?