5 Apps that will help you keep yourself accountable!

You know what I am talking about.

Day one into a new fitness routine is like:

but day 5 is more like

We spend too much time staring at our phones—just ask the pedestrians we almost walk into on a daily basis. If scrolling through your Newsfeed or swiping right were Olympic sports, we’d definitely take home a medal. But in reality, the only things getting a workout in either case are our thumbs. That’s not to say your phone can’t help you lead a healthier, happier life. You just need to know the right apps to download.

Here the apps that I use to keep myself accountable:

Google Calendar:

Yep, a calendar app. adding my workouts to my calendar helps me plan my day accordantly. I add 10 minutes extra to my workout as my commute (my gym is 5 min walk away), but you can add as much as your commute is, or if you have a shower at your gym, add that time as well. I also invite my friends to the event, that way we are accountable to do it. This app in specific is awesome, you can add colors to your events, and mine workouts are orange!

Orange are my workouts!

Orange are my workouts!

My Fitness Pal:

I don’t count macros or calories, but I like having MFP as food diary. I’ve noticed that I can understand my body a little bit more if I keep track of things. Food, as example, can kill your day or make you feel better. For example, lets say that one day I felt super lethargic but cant think of any reason why, I go back to my day and analize what I did differently. Many times is because my eating habits changed, or I added a new food item to my body.

Is also true that people that track what they eat are more successful with their health goals.

Interval Timer

If you are like me and spend half of BBG using your clock and trying to stop and restarting it every 7 minutes, then you will love this app.

It is made for interval training workouts. You can set up your routine, as simple or complicated as you like it. For BBG, I do 7 minutes with 30 seconds break, for weightlifting; I do around 2-3 minutes (depending on the workout) and 1-minute rest in between. The cool part is that you can add your playlist, and it changes color depending what are you doing, Pink for the workout, blue for rest and green for warm up.

Plus: it has its own calendar, so every time you finish your workout will add it and mark as done. I like to see it at the end of the week to see if I hit my goal!

Splice and Unroll

Ok, these ones aren’t really fitness apps. They are video apps.

I use unroll to video myself while working out, I use it to proof I did it and to track my progress. If you do it, go back to your videos from a month ago and you will be surprise how much you’ve improved!

Splice helps me add music and put together workout videos. Easiest way to make them look cool to share on Instagram. :p


MY health mate app, is my withings activitè app. It tracks my daily steps, my sleep, runs, swim, and connects with my fitness pal. I love that you can compete with others and win badges for been active.

Now, is your turn:

What are your favorite fitness apps?

Which app would you add?