There are many habits that will help you be and stay healthy long term, but this five have completely change my life. I believe that everyone can adopt them and making them their own. I hope they help you as much the have helped me. 


This is something I love, and I have lost when I went full time instructor and working for my own. I have been making small goals to get up earlier everyday. But what I love the most about getting up earlier is that I feel so much more productive and active that if I got up a bit later.

I love morning workouts, so getting up early and get them out of the way just make me super happy and accomplish. It also makes me feel super energized and ready to tackle my day.

The months were I was getting up later on the day, I just felt so tired and like I could never achieve anything, I was always super stressed and rush all the time. But now, I just get up, workout and I am doing work before anyone else, and I can enjoy a good sunrise.

Yes, some days are harder, specially winter time (I’m not going to lie), but if I’m sleeping in I promise myself I will have a list of things I need to do that day.


One thing I’ve learn it is that a goal without a plan, it is just a wish. That goes for anything you put your mind to. I’ve bee developing a habit of planning my day right early in the morning, and writing down what I need to achieve that day. A quick list of my t-dos and I’m ready to go. I guess I like that accomplishment feeling of ticking things off.

I don’t have a proper planner, but I created my own on a notebook. I googled a few ideas and got myself creative with it. It is nothing fancy but it makes me seat down, write down how the month is going to look like and organize my weeks.  I also add little week goals for my blog and which collaborations I have to do, but also I track my gym and yoga sessions, water intake and when I need some time for myself.


Water is life and you need drink a lot everyday, all day. It is super important to keep your body hydrated through the day, specially after working out. Staying hydrate keeps your skin smooth, your digestive system working properly and your body working properly.

Having a water bottle with you all the time will help you to remind you to drink water. It is also an effective way to save money (don’t buying water all the time), and to be environmentally conscious. I have my Healthy Human water bottle with me all the time, and I refill it wherever I go. I recommend a water bottle that can handle and keep cold and hot drinks in it, that way you can use it all year. If you want to get your own, click here to get a discount.


When I wasn’t happy on my job, it affected my mood so much that it will cause me feeling depressed and unmotivated to keep a healthy lifestyle. I mean, we all have those days when you are soooooo tired from work and just not happy at all, that the last thing you want is eat a salad, but binge on pizza and chips. At least I was like that.

Exploring and finding things I love had let me to stay healthy physically and mentally. I just enjoy so much more seating down to write, and style photos and taking courses on plant based nutrition.

Doing what we love looks very different on everyone, and you don’t have to make your passion your career, but longest you enjoy what you do and you will feel content, it will be easier to stay healthy.


To be honest, I was such a negative person all the time, especially the last year. It felt like everything I was doing it was going bad and not what I wanted at all. Personal life was just as bad. It didn’t help at all.

Until one day I asked myself if it was worth it, and if there was anything I could change to make my life better. So I decided to be a positive person. It is harder than what I thought, but I always have a reminder in my mind to stay positive, to see the bright side.

I also choose to spend my time with people that bring light to my life, that keep me smiling and happy. I also make sure I take time alone to recharge and get my priorities straight, so I can also be a light for others.

Something so simple I have been doing right after I wake up is to say to myself thank you, for being alive, for being able to move and do what I love.

This are five habits that I’ve changed to stay healthy and happy, I hope you like them!


-What habits have changed your life?