5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go



I don’t know one single person that hasn’t struggled to meal prep, or simply bring her own food to work, let alone a long trip. 

I get it, you are busy, I am busy, we all are busy. And it is so much easier to stop and buy fast food. Believe me I get it. But isn’t it so much better, and healthy, to just bring your own food. Food that you love, that you makes you feel good, and that simply tastes amazing.

After quitting my fitness instructor job to travel full time, I lost a lot of the habits and everyday things I did, like meal planning. I thought it would be impossible to stick to a healthy plant based diet, and very difficult to plan ahead.

But like any other time, I was wrong. Meal planning can be done anywhere. You just need a bit of time, planning and the right containers.

Here are my five tips to meal plan for women on the go. To meal plan like a pro, whether you are going to work, hiking or on a year long trip!


5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go


Write down the meals you love, and could eat everyday, all day, with no problems.

When I used to meal prep for a whole week, I used to hate the last container. It was the same bland food. So I ditched that, and started meal prepping things I love and could eat whenever.

I.e., I could have oatmeal, some sort of beans and veggies mix for tacos and chips and salsa. So I prep that, I have my overnight oats ready for the week, beans cooked, and tortillas or chips with a homemade salsa in the fridge. 

Your meal prep meals are for YOU, and only YOU. So if you like pancakes everyday, have them. Here’s a yummy chocolate pancake plant based recipe

5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go


A good set of food containers will change the way you look at food. I know, call me crazy. But have you brought food with you and suddenly you open your bag and it is all over? Or it leaked? Super annoying. Thankfully, Rubbermaid has the best meal prep containers. Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep Containers feature a built-in divider to keep food separated, allowing complete meals to be stored in individual containers. No more mixed food when you get to work. Plus, their Quik Clik Seal™ lid, clicks into place letting you know when contents are secured. So no more leaking!

We grabbed them in Walmart while on the road, and it has been a game changer. We prep our oatmeal every night and take it on morning hikes. They are super easy to clean, and they are microwave, dishwasher, and freezer safe. 

Oh, and Walmart is offering a special price right now, so go and get some! Check it here.

5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go


This is another pro move and it starts with looking at what you already have in your fridge, freezer, and pantry. Shopping your home kitchen can help you decide on recipes and avoid wasted food. This is the money-saving aspect of meal planning in full effect.

As well, if you are feeling fancy and looking into trying a new recipe, you wont need to buy everything from scratch. I.e. I love a black bean veggie mix for tacos, but the other night we wanted to try a chilli. Both have very similar ingredients, and the only thing we had to buy was the tomato sauce. It felt like a whole new recipe, but it wasn’t really, AND it gave us leftovers for the next day.

5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go


Which brings me to point number four. Choose meals that will leave you with leftovers.

When you choose meals that you love, you have to make a bunch. But if you also pick meals that you can make a lot of, than you can simply grab your Rubbermaid® TakeAlongs® Meal Prep Container, and save the leftovers.

5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go


Whether is Sunday, or Wednesday. I typically spend a good hour cooking and putting away my meals for the next few days. Since living in a van and traveling all the time, I can’t prep for the whole week, but I will spend enough time writing down my grocery list, the meals we want to make that week, and prepping oatmeal and other meals.

Chuck on your favorite Netflix show, or a podcast, and get Meal prepping. Your Thursday hangry self will thank you for it!

5 Meal Planning Tips And Tricks For Women On The Go

Do you have any meal planning tips and tricks?  Share with me in the comments! Or message me on Instagram.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Rubbermaid. All opinions and text are mine.