5 Reasons I love teaching group fitness classes

1. Has made me being more present.

I can take time for me to get focus and do one thing at a time, let along teach and focus for 45 minutes. But the past year has taught me that clients and members are here for them and I have to give 100% my attention to them. When I am teaching I am 100% in the room, giving all the attention needed and always being aware of what is going on. 

This has translated into my daily life, by blocking time for blogging, teaching, work and life and (trying) just to focus on it. 

It is a work in progress, don't get me wrong, but thank you to teach group fitness classes I have been able to identify the problem and find a solution.

2. It has taught me to be a better student.

Listening to criticism isn't always fun, but it has helped me to grow as person and instructor. Taking my coworkers classes has made me able to see other teaching styles and learn different ways of queuing. 

I also pay way more attention in how my body feels, what can I and can't do, and makes me thinks in ways to modify exercises or how make them more challenging. I also notice when I am getting more fatigued and loose my form, to keep in mind when to give modifications and encouragement. 

3. Feels really good to be part of someones journey, and (hopefully) impact them! and it has become part of my own fitness journey.

Fitness and health journeys look different for everyone, and start in different times of our lives. It is amazing seeing members growing with each class, pushing themselves harder and having a good time. I am lucky to see it as it has been a great impact in my life. 

Now when I am planning classes and working out on my own fitness program, I think of what I will like to accomplish and what my clients can get from that. This journey of mine, has expand so much more, and I want to make sure I give everything I learn and know to them. 

And hopefully we can all grow and be better together.

4. I get to play as much reggeaton as I want lol

Reggeaton is catchy, has a great beat and goes well in any class (or at least I want to think that!) - Most people here in Boston play a lot of hip hop and EDM and although I like it, it is not what gets me moving; so I play reggetaon, a bit of indie upbeat pop music and some Justin Bieber songs (Guilty Pleasure) and it seems that members like some Latin music too, so I play it. WIN-WIN right?

5. It complements my fitness blog

It makes sense right? I teach classes I love and believe in, I get to write about them which bring you to the studio to take classes, I speak about my blog in my classes so members come and read, full circle! 

But it also helps me to write in a more personal way, because I actually know who is reading my blog (besides my mum and Matt) and don't feel as awkward to share random stuff on social media :D


It has taught me to speak slowly (expect when I get too excited).

BUT seriously....dude I speak so fast, and I have an accent. WOW. I know. When I get nervous or excited I ramble so much and speak so fast that I can't even understand myself. I've learnt to remember that not everyone is used to my accent and that speaking slowly will make them understand me (I hope!)

Fitness instructors, what are your favorite thins about teaching!?

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