6 Things You Need To Treat Yourself

Me time is so important as family time. If you haven't being able to take care of yourself because of work, stress or your crazy schedule, add this 5 products into your life and you will see the difference. 


Since going vegan, I have changed my view into skin care products and make up, and although I love brands like MAC, I don't buy them anymore. I have slowly transition into an organic and green skin care lifestyle. So, if I am sore or just need a new scrub, I run to look for brands that offer products with natural ingredients.

I have been using the products in the photo above, and I am in love with them. Each of them serve a different purpose, and I have help me treating myself every single day. 

  1. Inika Organics. I found this brand in a random vegan store in Melbourne, and fell in love with it. Is make up made of minerals and is the #1 certified organic make up. I know that if they find out one of their ingredients isn't 100% organic they stop using it and find another one. I have been using the bronzer for a couple months and it stays all day, even when working out but is super easy to remove.
  2. Bio Clarity. It is a plant based formula that helps you combat acne. I was asked to tried it and was a bit skeptical because I have never used any acne products, but since working out and birth control my face has been acting up, so I wanted to give it a try. I will get into more detail in a later post, but now is a must in my shower after working out. It will leave your skin feeling fresh and clean.  
  3. Epsom Salt. I've heard of the results of them, but again, I never had time to take an actual bath. I finally got myself a package of it, tried different brands, and by far Epsoak is my favorite. I choose the lavender sport epsom salt, and is perfect! You will love it after working out or before going to bed. A must to have this cold winter! 
  4. Juice Beauty. Another vegan and all green skin care line. You need to get this if you don't want to spend a lot of money and want an easy way to take care of your skin. It offers packages for specific types of skin, and make up. My favorite are the moisturizer, because is super light but smooth enough for winter. Also their lipsticks are gorgeous and don't dry your lips. 
  5. Organic Bath & co. While you are enjoying your bath with epsom salt, through a bit of this scrub line. Is made of 3-5 ingredients, all natural and organic. It will leave your skin smooth and smelling delicious. My favorite is Java Jolt, is made with sugar and coffee. Is a Boston based company, but they deliver everywhere. 
  6. Tulip. The best subscription ever. They deliver to your doorsteps a kit with toothpaste and toothbrush. No more need to keep a reminder to change your toothbrush every six months, or asking your roommate to use their toothpaste. Is all made from natural ingredients as well! Seriously, the best excuse to stay home watching Netflix. 

Now is your turn,

what are your favorite products to treat yourself!?