April is here and just like that the first 3 months of the year flew by. Wether you set fitness resolutions or not, this is when we start to get a bit lazy, or just forget to move as consistent as possible. And believe me, I am there too. Specially now that the weather is a bit warmer, I tend to go out a bit more and hit the gym less.

This past weekend I had family visiting me, and as you might know if you have following me on Instagram, we (Matt and I) love taking everyone on the most epic Boston Vegan tour, and well, because we eat vegan doesn't mean that is always healthy. 

I don't really have any food sensitivities so I tend to over indulge when in vacay, and although I rarely eat like that, sometimes I like to eat way too many vegan cheeses and chips. I'm human too! But oh boy how bad I feel the next day. Bloated, gassy, lethargic, pimples everywhere. Not the best feeling. 

However, I have learnt to not feel bad because of it and to just get back to normal. If this is you this week, here are my DOs and DONT's to get back to normal or on track!

6 Tips to get back on track


I rather a big sweaty session after a weekend or weeks of not working out, it makes me break this cycle of not doing much. Anything HIIT, circuits, battle ropes, sleds...boxing. Anything that breaks a sweat. HOWEVER! Sometimes my body is soooo lethargic that I rather take the day off, eat good foods, and just go for a walk. I'm still moving my body, but on a more gentle way. TIP: See how you feel, is it truly low energy or you just  need a sweat sesh, than get it done!


My body craves a lot of greens, fruit and light meals and that's what I give it. But I know sometimes we still crave the sweets and greasy food, we need to help our body detox from all those toxins by giving it good food. I'm not talking do crazy lettuce salads diet, but start incorporating more veggies, smoothies, and foods that will help your body thrive. 

I like to have comfort foods made healthy, like tacos and quesadillas made with veggies, like this one and this one, that way still feels like I'm eating what I love but healthier. 

3. DO: WATER, WATER AND MORE WATER. Get hydrated gurl!

Sometimes I find myself eating and eating, never feeling satisfied and wondering why, than I realized I haven't drink enough water during the day and I'm just dehydrated. Drinking enough water will keep you hydrated, will help your gut flush anything that doesn't need and your skin will glow.

I highly encourage you to keep a water bottle with you all day, even if you are at home, just bring it EVERYWHERE. You will be more inclined to drink it ALL THE TIME.  I have a bunch of my fav here


Believe me, crazy diets ARE NOT SUSTAINABLE. Starving yourself IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. Eating healthy Monday-Friday, or just for the summer/graduation/a wedding, IT IS NOT SUSTAINABLE. 

Living a healthy and active lifestyle is that, A LIFESTYLE. Doesn't mean you are healthy all the time, but it means that you can pick from where you left off anytime. So PLEASE, don't come back after a holiday or weekend to diet like crazy. 


I know my number one tip is to sweat, but one thing is to move your body and other one is over train and damage it. 

Over eating and indulging on greasy/sweet/salty food will make your body work more than normal, which means it also needs sometime to recover and by over-training at the gym you are just adding more stress to your body, and that will end up on rising your cortisol levels which will lead to making it harder for your body to burn fat, and recover. 

SO LISTEN TO YOUR BODY, and train accordingly. 


You ate way too many sweets or pizza slices, oh well! Life happens. It is done, and you can't do anything about it. 

Instead of focusing on the past, focus on how much fun you had, the memories you made and what you can do today. Feeling sad and sorry for yourself will just make you stress and will ruin the moments you had with friends and family. 

In a few years you will only remember the good times and not the extra slice of pizza you ate. So move on, and let's focus on right now.