Deanne AKA @baddiedae

I stop thinking how bizarre life is and just go with the flow now. Almost every friend I have made this year has been through Instagram. So, now wonder why I am bringing this babe here today. 

Deanne, but mainly known as Baddie, is a runner, foodie and super stylish Boston babe. We met, obvs, through Instagram on an awkwardly coffee date. We set up the date, coffee shop and we met to talk fitness, blogging, life and laugh. Since then, we have been blogger BFF's. 

I had to ask her to be part of this series, 'cause she is goals. She can look effortless beautiful while running and pull off a killer outfit after, while I wear leggings and messy buns everywhere. 

I know you will love her as much as I do, please, go and say hi to her and if you are in Boston you should totally come hang out with us! 

My nickname is: Baddie Dae. Many people ask how I got this nickname. I came up with this nickname not because I'm a bad bitch... I mean I can be but I actually got it when I first started my Instagram account from Beyoncé. Her old Instagram name was BaddieBey, then she changed it to just Beyoncé. So I thought I'd take over and then created Baddie Dae.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: The first thing I do when I wake up is lift my arms up and stretch. The bathroom to pee and brush my teeth lol

I can't live without: I can't live without my phone, that's for object. If we're talking a person, I can't live without my Brian <3

If I had one week to escape: If I had one week to escape, I would take Brian to the Philippines and visit my family there and eat Filipino food and hang out at the beach all week.

If I only had $10 in my pocket: If I had $10 in my pocket, I would go to the bank, have them change it to all $1 bills and give 5 $1 bill to 5 different homeless people. The $5 that I have, I would split with Brian and maybe buy bananas lol!

 Everything tastes better with a little: love <3

Fave workout:

I like high intensity workouts. When I'm not taking a boxing class or running, I'm usually at the gym lifting weights. I end my workouts with a quick 15min tabata to get my heart rate going. For those who doesn't know what tabata is, it's a type of workout that you do for 20seconds on and 10seconds break. I usually have 6 different workouts that I do back to back and then repeat the workouts 4 more rounds. Here are my go to workouts:

20 seconds push-ups

10 seconds break

20 seconds jump squats

10 seconds break

20 seconds high to low planks 

10 seconds break

20 seconds plyo lunge

10 seonds break

20 seconds superman planks

10 seonds break

20 seconds ice skaters

10 seconds break

Repeat 4 more times

A little intense, but how I like it! I'm usually drenched in sweat after!

Give some love to Baddie, contact her and follow her:

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Until the next one <3