Beach Bod - Brunches Of Boston Event Workout

Last weekend I had the chance to partnered up with Brunches of Boston, and together we put it a fit event together. We head down to the beach, workout, brunch and mingle. 

If you missed it, don't worry, they will be more, but you are also lucky because I am bringing the workout we did here for you! 

You attended? thank you so much! Look the photos here, and if you feel like doing the workout again, go ahead, is all below.

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Circuit 1:

  1. 10 minutes.
  2. 30 seconds per move
  3. 30 - 1 sec rest in between

Lunge and leg lift: Standing up with feet shoudler with apart, bring left leg to the back, making a lunge. Make sure front knee it is not passing your toes and back elg is on a 90º degree angle, bring left leg to the front while jumping lifting your leg. Alternate sides.

Plank to pike: High Plank position, walk your feet in while you lift your hips up. If you can drag your feet instead of walking them in will make it harder! 

Skaters: Shuffle laterally from one side to the other, facing the same way as you go there and back.

Inchworm push-ups: Hinge at the waist, bend down and walk your hands away from your feet so you’re in a plank position. Do one push-up, walk your feet towards  your hands and repeat.

Broad jumps: Bend your knees and jump as far as you can towards the other towel! Keep jumping for the whole 30 seconds.

Circuit 2:


10 burpees, 20 Walking Lunges

9 Burpees, 19 Walking Lunges

8 Burpees, 18 Walking Lunges


Circuit 3:

10 reps per move, 3 times

Lateral lunges: Step right leg out into a lateral lunge with the left leg straight. As you stand up, drag the left leg back to standing while using the sand as resistance. Repeat movement on the other side.

180-degree jump squats: Squat and touch the ground, jump 180-degrees clockwise and touch the ground again. Repeat by jumping 180-degrees counter-clockwise. Two jumps equals one rep.

Walking Side Planks:  plank position with your hands directly under your shoulders. Take two steps to the right while maintaining a plank, and shift into a side plank. Repeat the process by moving back to the left. Perform another side plank and repeat. That is 1 rep.

Jump squats: Standing up with your feet shoulder with apart, squat and touch the ground, jump and and touch the ground again.

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