Best 10 Vegan Eats in NYC

Doesn't matter if you are traveling to NYC or living in it, you HAVE to check out this restaurants. 

I've been following a Plant based diet for almost two years, and making a transition into a real vegan life, and although I'm still learning and changing things here and there, one of my favorite things to do it's find new vegan restaurants wherever I travel to. 

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably know that I spend a lot of time in NYC. I love the extensive options they have, and after doing a bit of a "research" and trying pretty much every single vegan restaurant,  I narrowed it down to a list of my favorite 10 restaurants. Mostly on order of importance, but to be honest, they all are AMAZING, licking the plate delicious (a term you will read over and over) .

Best 10 Vegan Eats in NYC

1. Jajaja Plantas Mexicana

I have no idea how I ended up on Jajaja Instagram's but OH MY! I was so glad. This is by far my favorite vegan restaurant in NYC (potentially ever, but let's say NYC). As Mexican, I have very high standards when it comes to Mexican food. To me, burritos and hard shell tacos are just not food. Like who thought those were Mexican. Anyway. 

Every time I try a Mexican food outside México, I have very low expectations, I never expect to see mole on the menu, or mezcal on the drinks list. But Jajaja did not disappoint. 

It is already hard to make Mexican food good, but make it vegan and make it amazing, it is just un heard off. So Jajaja had a big challenge. 

But let me tell you mamacitas, I almost licked the plate. I say almost because I was in public, but it was licking the plate worth it! The tortillas, the flavor, the salsa, ughhh and the desert! Churros with dulce de leche. Dulce de leche!!! Plus the mezcal drinks were just the cherry on top. 

I will rate them 12/10 and will highly recommend you to go, but be aware of the 2 or 3 hour wait. Yep! it is that good ;) 


2. Champs Dinner (Williamsburg) 


Completely different to the restaurant listed above, but oh so worthy!

Champs diner, it is that, your typical American diner from the 50's. Milkshakes, burgers, fries, hot dogs, all made vegan. 

Located in the heart of Williamsburg, this restaurant it is worth the travel. The place itself it's designed like an old diner, with fun names for the dishes, and a very cool vibe. 

I tried the Barrio Dog, and jezzzzzzz! I have no clue how they make the sausage but it tasted like a real hot dog. I swear. The texture and flavor was very similar, if not the same, to an Oscar Mayer type of sausage. The nachos were also unreal, as the other dishes we tried. 

Servings are insanely big (typical American serving), so definitely come hungry. We had to wait for 20-30 minutes to get a table, since isn't the biggest space, but it is definitely worth the wait. 

3. Le Botaniste 

A plant based wine bar in the heart of Soho. I would describe this place as a fancier Sweetgreen, and perfect for appetizers or pre-gaming. They have a "build your own bowl" table, with cold and hot dishes, from sushi to "caviar and "ceviche". 

We tried the sharing bowl, with cheeses and sushi, to try a bit of everything, and it was really good! 

4. Haymakers corner store (Williamsburg)

An ALL Vegan "bodega" - it literally had everything you would find on a typical NYC corner store, chips, coffee, "ham" and "cheese" and they even sell sandwiches, bagels, you get the point. 

Their sandwiches are a bit pricey in compare to street bagels and bodegas, but you get the best of the best. Plus, they have homemade Kombucha that it is sooooooo good. 

5. Bunna Cafe (Bushwick)


Remember I told you I was obsessed with Ethiopian food? well...I had to go here. It is deep on Brooklyn, but it is delishhhhhh.

If you have never had Ethiopian food, they serve different dishes on an Injera (Kinda like a pita or a crepe/tortilla), and you eat them with your hands. Their are some spicy dishes, but overall they are just veggies cooked on sauce, some have legumes and some potatoes. 

The drinks were also really good, and we didn't have a crazy wait. But be aware that most weekend nights are pretty full. 

6. Beyond Sushi

Before going vegan, Sushi was my go-to. For a while, I just made my own with veggies and tofu, and it is fun to make your own but it is so much fun when you buy it and it is actually super yummy. 

Beyond Sushi has five locations in NYC, and it is definitely a MUST. They label themselves as vegetarian, but also many vegan options. They have salads, dumplings, miso soups, noodle salads, rice paper wraps and of course sushi rolls. They have very creative sushi rolls with pretty fun names, and a BIG menu of options. 

Each location carries a bit a different menu, but in general they offer the same. SUPAH GOOD :)7. 

7. Cinnamon Snail  

Started as a food truck in NYC, and now they have a store at The Pensy, a food court on Penn Station. 

The food is based on your typical American diet, burgers and fries, but with it's own style. Imagine a barbecue burger with mac and cheese in it. Yep! or tarter tots with kimchi. Your brain will be wondering why you've never been there before. 

Super unique menu, yet licking your fingers delishhhh - A MUST if you are in NYC. 

8. Blossom Du Jour 

We randomly ended up at this place, and what a great find that was!

Menu it's super simple, scramble tofu, burritos and smoothies, but with so much flavor! 

My favorite was the Breakfast Bowl, a healthier option than the other restaurants listed above, and will leave you satisfied. 

9. Little Choc Apothecary (Williamsburg) 

A small little restaurant in the hart of Williamsburg. By now you should have probably notice that most vegan places are in BK and that I love this area. But seriously, it has the best places. 

Little Choc Apothecary has super yummy crepes that will make you feel like you are in France. A big selection of sweet and savory crepes, along with long selection of teas. The turmeric latte is a must, as well as the Jacked up. 

10. Jivamuktea Cafe

A small cafe that it's part of Yoga studio, in the heart of Union Square. Big portions, delish food at a reasonable price. Everything it's vegan, healthy, and you have a few sweet options, like muffins and cookies. 



Dunwell Doughnuts

By far the best Donuts I've ever had. PLUS they are vegan! 

They have a couple locations, but I only went to the OG East Williamsburg one. There was a massive Stranger things mural, which made it just even more perfect. 

Donut flavors for everyone, ice cream and coffee, pretty much everything you need. 


This are my favorite places, what are yours? Let me know in the comments!