BLOGGING TIPS: Do you need to invest in a camera?

In the past few years blogging went from a weird thing to do, to be a THING.

If you are a millennial and you don't have a blog or social media presence, do you even millennial?

Everyone that I talk to wants to put themselves out there, market themselves, and create their personal brand, and I AM ALL ABOUT IT. 

BUT Yes, blogging, vlogging, hard work. If you take it seriously, you will know that learning to take a photo, edit the photo, write the post, record the video, edit it, record a podcast, plan it, promote it, build your presence, stay authentic, be fucking hard  work. 

When I realized I wanted to take this to a next level, I knew that my photography and editing skills had to improve. I do love the shameless selfie and phone photos for the day to day, but to deliver good quality content that brands want to use and think of you as not only an amazing human and voice, but as a CREATOR, than YES, you have to do some homework, and sometimes make an investment. 

I don't think by any means that you have to be the best photographer out there, and that every single photo has to be perfect, and that you need really expensive equipment, unless your thing is photography, than yes. 

Let me answer some common questions I get:

Do you need a professional camera to start?

NOPE. If you have a smartphone, than you are a winner. Phones this days have better cameras than some point and shoot cameras, download a few editing apps, and you are set. Some very successful youtubers started filming and editing their videos on their phone. 

Do I think you need a professional camera to create a successful amazing blog, brand and social media presence?

NOPE. I have amazing blogger friends that just use their phone and have AMAZING content. It is about what your story is, what you have to say, not your pretty photos. You just need to do it mamacita. Just start. You will figure out the rest. 

Ok, let's say you want to invest in a camera.

Which cameras do I recommend?

This is a tricky one. I would say it depends on two things: your budget, and your skills

The first camera I used was a second hand one that is not even on the market anymore. I got it to practice, because I do like photography, and to bring with us to trips. Than we invested on a 50 mm lens, and started to play around with some food photos. 

I am not good to be honest, but we all start somewhere. I am still learning, but I am happy to share which cameras I use, I recommend, and which other ones I've heard that are awesome.

My babies are a Nikon D750, and I use a 50 mm lens for food photos and 24-120 for lifestyle photos. For now vlogging and to bring with me everywhere I got a Sony A5100. 

The Nikon D750 it is an investment, and I would recommend it to someone that knows a bit of photography, or that at least knows how to use the manual mode, since it is a bit pricey. The video and photos are amazing, the quality it is soooo good, and you can do so much with it. However, it is pricey and heavy, so vlogging isn't the easiest, but honestly I LOVE this camera. 

Something similar would be a Canon 6D. I have never used a canon, so I am not sure, but I know some bloggers use it. 

For vlogging, you need something small, and easy to move around. The Sony A5100 has HD video, Auto ISO, auto focus, wifi, flip screen, super light and easy to use. Something similar would be the Canon G7x - Similar qualities, and tons of vloggers use it. Both on the "cheaper" side. 

Doesn't matter which camera you choose, you will spend at least $400 dlls. So if you don't need to, than don't buy it. 

I am all about smart buying, and spend as little as possible for my blog. I recommend doing the same. Remember, a good camera isn't going to make you successful, your content, your personality, consistency and hard work will. 

If you found this blog post helpful please let me know, and let me know if you'd like me to continue this Blogging tips!