Best Vegan Eats In Boston

When I first went vegan, I was trying to be as plant-based as possible, avoid fake meat and cheeses, or eating out much. I loved it though, I think that way I realized how easy it's to cook healthy, balance and yummy at home. 

In the past few months I have been trying different places around town to create a list of the best vegan spots, I mean cooking at home is fun and everything but to experience others food can also inspire me! and well, who doesn't like to eat amazing food and don't do dishes after? Count me in. 

I have to say that Boston does have a lot of places to choose from, is not obvious like NYC, LA and Melbourne (Vegan heaven) - but we are definitely catching up. Most places aren't in town or Boston per se, but Boston greater area. If you are not from Boston, you might need to Uber to some or enjoy a walk from the trains stations. But it will be worth it! 

If you are vegan or not, these places have the best food in town, like jaw dropping how on earth people can make this amazing meals.  I promise you won't stop drooling and your mind will blown away on how tasty, easy and variety meals can be done dairy, meat and cruelty free. 






Your typical American dinner made vegetarian and vegan. From the classic  burger, mac and cheese, to poutine and "chicken" and waffles. The place looks like a 50s dinner, cool vibe and even coolest staff. 

If they had places to sleep, I would probably moved in. We go there too many times, and we couldn't recommend it enough. We have brought meat eaters, and very skeptical people and even them couldn't believe they were not eating meat or cheese. 

There is only one location (sadly) but it is worth it.

My favorites: Rachel sandwich, a side of poutine and hot fudge brownie ( oh yeah I can eat the whole thing). 



As Mexican, it is my duty to create vegan Mexican food and look for the best vegan tacos of course. If you follow me on Instagram (and if you don't you should :p) you have seen that I eat tacos pretty much everyday. No shame here. But to be honest, it is pretty hard to make good tacos, like al pastor or carnitas tacos, the seasoning is damn hard to get.

When I heard of taco party I was a bit skeptical, and doubted they would have good Mexican food, but it was worth the try.

Located on (hipster) Somerville, Taco party is a small looking diner that offers only plant based Mexican meals. From tacos al pastor to tortas and sweets, Taco Party has created a must taco menu to try. It is located a bit far away from the train station, and you can only get by bus or driving, so it can be a hustle to get there but again, it is worth it!

My favorites: The torta and the mushroom tacos.



I am not sure how explain the type of food, but imagine Sweet green on steroids and vegan. Yeah I think that is the right name. You can make your own bowl, or pick what one of the creations. Each bowl has a different cultural inspiration, which makes it for everyone. Seriously, from mexican bowls to thai and indian. Plus, they offer home made kombucha, and the best root beer. 

Their regular menu is bomb, but their brunch menu takes it to another level. Sometimes I feel like they were thinking on my taste buds when developing their menu. I don't know, I girl can dream. 

It is also a bit far out all the way in Allston, but if you are still in college it might be on your area. 

My favorites: Patatas bravas for entree, "Huevos" rancheros (both brunch menu) and a matcha kombucha. YUUUMMM

Photo from the interweb

Photo from the interweb


This could be the healthiest vegan place of all, equal as yummy tho. Life alive mission is to "make eating healthy food possible in a busy world" and I can totally see that. They offer salads, grain based meals, wraps, smoothies, juices, etc. 

They have 3 locations (soon to be 4!) - the closest one to Boston is location on the Cambridge side, within a short walk from the red line. The cafe has more of a hippie vibe in compare to the other locations, community tables, a big colorful downstairs area and tons of plants, which I love. 

My favorites: anything that includes their miso ginger dressing *insert drooling emoji here*



I have mix feelings about this place since the controversy a few months ago. But I couldn't write this list and not including them, their food is too good to be truth. For real. 

Imagine all your comfort foods made vegan, from burgers, mac and cheese, to ice cream and any pastry, all put together in the cutest most instagram perfect place. Yep That is "Eat by Chloe" - 

All meals are so creative, like beet ketchup! We have only two locations (Seaport and Fenway) both pretty easy to get too, so if you are in Boston or you want to try some "burgers" and fries this is your place.

My favorites: guac burger, chipotle alioli and the taco bowl. 

Other places you have to visit:



It isn't food per se, just the best vegan ice cream I have ever had. It is coconut base, and can be really heavy in some people but I love it. They mix local brands to make the most creative and yummy flavors. They have cookies, brownies, frappes, coffee and most of their locations offer wi-fi and serve as the best place to work/study and excuse to have ice cream all day. 


I frequent all these places all the time, and I highly recommend all of them. They are perfect for a dinner or lunch out just don't eat it all day everyday, after all some of these menus have tons of meals that are fried or contain high levels of added sugars. It is vegan and I love is cruelty free and helps not harm the environment though!


What are your favorite vegan spots, and where?