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Kelly is a long time athlete and BBG girl that I've recently discovered on instagram. Super weird because we both live in Boston. Soonest I found her, I was completely obsessed over this babe. Her instagram has the most beautiful meal photos and recipes, and hard core workout routines. . 

I wanted to know more about this babe, so I asked her to be part of my "Fit + Healthy by" series. Below, you will find her story, her passion for health, what she is up to now and a yoga inspired routine. I am trying it tomorrow and I am kinda scared! 

  • My Nickname is Kel Bel, or Kel
  • The first thing I do when I wake up is stretch and say something positive to myself
  • If I had one week to escape I would travel to anywhere tropical, maybe the Maldives, or cape cod, that’s my happy place.
  • If I only had $10 in my pocket, I would probably spend it on food, but my initial thought was that I owe my father money so I’d give it to him hahaha
  • Everything tastes better with a little peanut butter….I love peanut butter so much hahah

Want to know more about Kelly? Read her story!

"Okay so I have been a hockey player my entire life. I learned to skate when I was 2, played with the boys until I was 11, went to prep school and then college on a hockey scholarship. My career just ended last February, and by the time it ended I was really anxious to become more than just a hockey player. It got really old having my life be so one dimensional. All anyone ever asked me about was how hockey was going, and it started to control my life. I have always loved fitness (being an athlete you learn to) but I had only ever worked out for a team and for my sport, never for myself before. It kind of felt as though I had been coasting through life for a sport towards the end, and I was really anxious to be able to take the time to stop and smell the roses for once. I had so many other passions that I finally had the time to pursue! 

Kelly's mango smoothie bowl. Recipe  here  !

Kelly's mango smoothie bowl. Recipe here !

My senior year last year I suffered a really bad concussion in October that had me sidelined until January. In December my father had been diagnosed with cancer, and I was depressed. I wasn’t allowed to leave my apartment, look at my phone or computer, and my coach had told my teammates to stay away and let me rest. Essentially I was confined to my bedroom and all I could think about was my dad back home, and how badly I wanted to be with my family. I met with my trainer daily to track my progress and see if my concussion was improving so that I could get back on the ice as fast as possible, but my heart was elsewhere. It wasn’t until January that my head finally started feeling better, and I finished the last 8 games of my career with not only a lingering fear of getting hit again, but a sense of incredible relief that I was now free to travel home and be with my family every weekend. I started the guide the day after my hockey career ended with my best friend hoping that it would help to improve my mood, and also help me to lose the hockey bulk I had built since I was 13 years old. I didn’t feel right in my own body, and I really wanted to change that! Kayla shared my transformation photo when I finished her guide and all of my friends at school kept telling me how great what I was doing was, and eventually I became my own motivation. I found a renewed passion for working out and eating well and I just ran with it. Now I hope to make it something I can do full time someday.

I currently work in interior design, and I love cooking and fitness and fashion and quotes and music and blogging and sharing my fitness journey with others! I have so many more layers to me than just being an athlete, which I feel like so many athletes get pushed into a box like I was and feel as though without sports there is nothing else to them. It has also opened my eyes up to see that I am only contained to a word if I let myself be. I could say I’m an interior designer, or a blogger, because for my whole life I had been a hockey player. I named my blog “Hi I’m Kelly” because I don’t want to be defined by a word, but by who I am now! I will always be growing and changing as well, and my blog can do that with me." 

Yoga inspired workout:

Circuit One:

  • Knee to elbow downward dog kicks- From a downward dog position, bring right knee to right elbow and then kick back into a one legged dog position, repeat 20x each leg
  • Boat pose oblique twists- from a boat pose, interlace your hands in front of you. When twisting to the left, extend your right leg out, for the right side extend your left leg. Keep both feet elevated off the floor the whole time. 20x each side
  • Alternating leg lowers from the top of a crush- lay on your back with your hands interlaced behind the base of your head. Keeping your shoulders and elbows wide and your gaze upwards, bring yourself into the top of a push up position. With your legs straight, alternate leg lowers. 20x each leg.
  • Inch worm push ups- starting from a plank position, walk your hands back towards your feet. Once you reach a folded position, walk your hands back out and into a push up. 20 push ups total.

Circuit Two:

  • Opposite Arm/Opposite Leg Lifts- From a table top position, extend your opposite arm and opposite legs outwards, being sure to remain stable through your core. 20x each side.
  • Knee, Knee, Row Planks- from the top of a plank, hold 5-10 lb dumbbells in each hand. Starting with the right leg, touch your knee to both knees, before coming back into a plank and rowing your arm. 20x each side.
  • X Jumps- Starting with your feet hip distance apart, jump up into a jump squat. On your next jump, cross your left leg in front of your right at the top, then right in front of left before repeating 1 standard jump squat. 20x.
  • Alternating Kick-up Lunges- From a standard lunge position, kick your knee up at the top to create an additional burn. Think of it as more of a pulsing motion.

Did you love Kelly as much as I did? Read her blog, follow her on instagram, facebook, twitter , pinterest and her brand new snapchat!

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