Can Probiotics help with your mood?

Disclaimer: This posts has been sponsored by Silver Fern, however, everything on this blog post and opinions are mine. 

I’ve recently become more and more interested on understanding the connection between food and our mood. I actually read this article that says vegetarians/vegans are way happier than non-vegetarians (find it here ) since then I wanted to know more about this connection and why I think my depression was kind of non-existent and how others could benefit.

There is a lot of ways to combat depression or improve your mood, like exercise; however, I believe everything starts within us. We have to make sure our changes start from the inside out. Otherwise it is just like treating the symptoms but not getting to the root.

How can we start? Start looking in your gut.

Ya know they say, trust your gut? Well it is kind of true. However, in our time most people gut is completely destroyed. Most people eat so much processed food that their microbiom has zero “good bacteria” or food to keep working.  All this plant food has been replaced with chemicals, GMO foods, canned juices, alcohol and more.

One way to start helping your gut to heal is focusing in adding foods that have good bacteria, and/or taking supplements, like probiotics. Although I would never say that you should be eating like crap and take supplements instead of eating healthier. Supplements are that, they supplement what you choose daily.

Whole foods appear to be better than probiotics; just by eating more plant food you are adding by fault more fiber to your digestion, aka, food for the bad bacteria. Crazy? Check this article here  

Adding more leafy greens and cruciferous vegetables will add more fiber to your system, but also fermented foods like kraut, pickles, tempeh, olives, and kombucha.

I know that eating more greens or adding all these foods can’t happen all the time, I GET IT. Maybe you had a stressful week, you were busy or you are traveling, and forgot to didn’t really paid attention to your food.

Probiotics in the form of pill or powders are something you can to your everyday life. There are many different brands, but I have been using Silver Fern and love it! 

Ok, now you got your probiotics, when you should take them?

I did some dig on this, because for so long I thought I had to take them soonest I got up, and honestly that made me feel so bad! I would get a very slow digestion (which I thought it would improve) and I would be super bloated and even have tons of gases.

So when you should take it probiotics then? According to Dr. Greger and his page, it is recommended to take them 30 minutes before eating or with a meal that contains some fats.

It could be during breakfast, dinner or lunch, doesn’t really matter. I take one pill everyday, especially if I know I’m not having as many greens as I normally would.

If you are thinking to start taking probiotics, or have leaky gut or any digestive issues, I would recommend talk with your primary doctor (or whoever you go to) and talk about what are your best options. Never self medicate.

But why having a healthy gut can change your mood? There has been some research that shows that our gut acts as our second brain, given its size, complexity, and similarity. They are many nerves as our spinal cord. Crazy.

According to this article there have been many studies where they bring people that suffer chronic fatigue syndrome that has been linked to have gut dysfunction.

So yeah, keep eating greens, add some fermented foods and some probiotics to bring that gut to life, maybe you will find yourself smiling more.



  • What do you think about gut health?
  • What are your favorite probiotics?