Cecilia Zonta

Cecilia is an Italian beauty, Fitness group instructor and Nike trainer. I have followed her for months now! we comment each others photos and motivate each other. I think is amazing, it is just like a have a friend in Italy. I asked to share her story with you, because I know I can relate, and if you do, I hope her story inspire you to follow your dreams! 

Few little fun facts about Cecilia:

  • My nickname is: CoffeeTumbler. Pretty weird since I don't drink more than 1 coffee per day ;p but I have a secret crush for all the coffee tumblers, specially the Starbucks ones ;p
  • The first thing I do when I wake up is: In order: -open the window and take some deep breath of new air - washing my face with citrus soap and cold water - stretching
  • I can't live without: MUSIC. Everywhere. Anytime. In my ears. In my mind. I need a soundtrack in my days.
  • If I had one week to escape: My heart will def fly to New York.
  • If I only had $10 in my pocket: Buying a cold-pressed-juice is the best way to invest them XD
  • Everything tastes better with : A smile. It's free. It makes people around you feel much better. I know, sometimes it's hard smiling maybe because you have a war inside of you. But just try to smile. At the mirror watch your face changing with a simple different line of your mouth. And you will be more comfortable with every mess in&outside of you.

Read her story here:

And this is a short story of mine ^_^


I just wanna start my short story with this quote. Because it's my purpose everyday since a year. And I really hope it could be inspiring also for you!

I am not so good talking about myself, so please forgive me :)

I  graduated in Economy here in Italy.

I didn't find a job according to my studies (not so worried about because, I am honest, economy is not my dream) so I worked for 2 years  in a shop for a mobile provider. The salary was very good. And I loved my collegues. But I really hated that job. I came back home crying at least once a week. It destroyed me from the inside. I became a person I really don't like. I was mean with my family, and I pushed away my friends.

I tried to resist. But after 2 years I was really exhausted. 

So I didn't care about the good salary. I did care about my mind health.

And then I have the courage to leave that job. And to risk to do what I really love. What makes me woke up every morning with a smile. What makes me love Mondays (!!!).

I follow my heart. I follow my passion. I follow my calling.

Yeah sure I found obstacles...everyday they slap me in the face.

But when you follow your passion you can never go wrong.

When you follow your passion you are stronger than ever.

And today I am a Fitness Group Instructor and proudly a Nike Training Club Trainer.

And every minute of my life I try to share passion, courage, strength, positive vibes (and also healthy recipes :P ) all around my life.

And here we are at the beginning quote.

So what I am asking you today girls, is to be able to loving you enough to be brave and make your life your best creation. No matter if I am talking about work, school, passion, friendship, or a fitness journey.

Make every single day epic with your choices. And your life will be brilliant.


p.s. I made a fitness video for this special occasion! My 4 fave plank variations! Let me know if you'll tyry them on your today's workout :D

Make sure to follows Cecilia journey and her Nike trainer days on her Instagram!

Until the next one!