Sugar Free Cereal Bowl

Cereal is my comfort food, specially for breakfast and dinner. It is weird, but at home (México) we tend to have a bowl of cereal for a late dinner. I had it for years, it changed from lucky charms to special K, thinking I was eating healthier. 

However, I found that many cereals, even the "healthy" ones have so much sugar and sodium and the nutritional value wasn't really there. I decided to stop buying it for a while, and replace it with oats or other breakfast. 

However, after watching a few documentaries I was inspired to have cereal again. But this time, the healthy one. 

If you go to Rip's website, you will find many plant based recipes, I am a fan! it is now my go to resource for recipes. I tend to modify them or add my own thing. 

With this cereal I kept it almost the same, we do change few things or add new nuts, but same concept. 

It is pretty easy to make it, all the ingredients, or in this case cereals can be found in any super market. I get all of mines from whole foods. It took me a while to find the brands and the cereals, so for you to not go through the same, I wanted to give you a list of brands I recommend. 

I will link the brands for you find them at your local grocery store.

Here are the ingredients: 

Just mix all together and add the milk. Add banana, mango, kiwi or any fruit you like. 

It  is a sugar free cereal, loaded with fiber, good carbs and protein! 

If you add the exact measurements you might don't finish it because it is a lot! but it will keep you full until lunch.