Why Consistency is KEY!

A few years ago I started my “wellness journey” – I started to have interest on eating healthier and eventually I started to workout.

I remember the first day I started BBG, I was so determined to crush it and I could see myself finishing the 12 weeks. Oh man I was so naïve.

After a couple weeks and a million of excuses to not do LISS and think it was too hard, I gave up. I was so upset, and wondered why I couldn’t stick to it. So I gave myself another try, and re-started the guide. I stop thinking in how I was going to look or feel after 12 weeks but concentrated in “showing up”. Everyday was like the first day, I would make a small goal like do the first round, than the second, etc. Everyday.

Through the months, and years now, I have learnt that I didn’t need to be talented or an athlete to improve, to get stronger and faster, I needed to be consistent. Yo-Yo diets and feeling sorry for myself wouldn’t help me, but instead just making small goals and stay consistent, day after day, it would get me to my end goal.

So what is the difference between the first Ana and the second Ana? Well, I’m glad you asked.

The firs one thought she had to be talented and have an athlete background to be good at doing a push up, or gets a “lean body”

The second Ana, understood that by doing a little bit everyday, by being consistent, it will get her to her goal.

Consistent people know that success comes from doing the small, trivial and seemingly “unimportant” tasks every single day, even when nobody’s watching. Like waking everyday instead of driving for 2 miles.

Talented people assume they will do well at whatever they put their mind to because that tactic has always worked for them. The ‘I was an athlete in high school so I will be good, I don’t need training” mentality.

Talented people are scared to fail because failure means admitting they are not skilled in a particular area.

Consistent people love failure, because they know every failure is one step closer to reaching their goals. I re-started a million times, but that just taught me to get stronger.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit.” -Aristotle.

 Don’t get upset or feel defeated because the first workout program you are doing didn’t give the results you wanted, think long term, in finding fitness classes or programs you enjoy and that will get you long term results, sustainable results!