Cookie Crawl #CauseBalance

We decided to take National Cookie Day to a whole new level! Who needs bar crawls when you can have cookie crawls?! We went to loads of places around the city and give honest reviews about the cookies, with some fun along the way, and even a donut detour!

The best part, was finding vegan options in bakeries that you wouldn't imagine. Although, it was harder than I imagined. Boston is still far away from vegan friendly city. 

Here the bakeries we went to. I will list the ones with vegan options first. 

Our first set of cookies!

1. Jennifer Lee's Gourmet Bakery

 Located inside the Boston Public Market, this bakery offers the best S'more cookie. It is huge and has a marshmallow inside! super sweet and chewy. Their chocolate chip cookie is yummy, but S'more cookie stole my heart. Cost: $3.50 

2. Fomu

If you live in Boston and you haven't been to Fomu, I don't know what are you waiting for. Their thing is ice creams, but it offers ice cream sandwiches that are da bomb. We got chocolate chip cookie with vanilla bean ice cream inside. Although it was our last stop, it was the best! Even the non-vegans will agree that is the best.

3. Thinking Cup

This coffee shop had one vegan option! I got the last cookie, and to our surprise was pretty average. I wouldn't ask for it again to be honest, but I was happy they got options. 

4. Modern Pastry. 

Not vegan cookies here, only marzipan. It looked really pretty and cute, but it has weird taste in the outside. The inside was tasty, super sweet to my taste but I not bad at all.

5. Flour Bakery. 

I was super excited for this one. It has amazing reviews online, but it didn't have vegan cookies. It does have vegan muffins and other pastries but not cookies. Although everything looked AMAZING. 

6. Bova's Bakery. 

Nothing vegan here. Your typical Italian bakery, with tons of options. 

7. Lulu's bakery.

Nothing vegan either! and Hailey kinda hated their chocolate flourless cookie. Be aware!

8. Union Square Donuts.

Ok, I know it is not a cookie, but have you seen their donuts? well...they also have vegan and OMG, they are AMAZING! there's one location inside of the Boston Public Market as well.

S'mores cookies from Jennifer Lee's Gourmet Bakery 

Well, that was our little cookie crawl. We had so much fun doing it that we definitely will do it again. Maybe with donuts? what do you think?!

Until the next crawl,