My One Month Cupping and acupuncture Experience

A few months ago, while lifting, I felt a pinch on my shoulder. I ignored it and moved on until I couldn't ignore it anymore. I know, what I was thinking?! 

I have never broken anything or have been seriously injured, so I thought that a small pinch will go away in a few days. On top of that, I've noticed that my stress levels were showing on a different way, like very sore jaw in the mornings, and my lower back feeling extra tired and sore than normal. I attributed to the fact that I was teaching more and working extra hours. 

As your typical procrastinator, I let this pain go and go until I couldn't do anything anymore. It was getting frustrating and I knew it wasn't healthy. 

After reading about cupping and having an acupuncture experience in México, I thought to make the call and get it done. What did I have to loose? - I asked around and got the number of a very experience (yet affordable) person right in the heart of Boston. Booked myself an appointment, and with hope that it will cure all my problems I went in. 

BUT WAIT?? What the hell is cupping, acupuncture, does it hurt, how it works? I made a list of questions I have been getting lately, and listed them below. 

If you have more questions, just add them on the comments and I will create another post about it. 

What is cupping, how it works?

Is a Chinese technique where glass jars are applied on the skin to help to disperse and break up stagnation and congestion by drawing congested blood, energy or relax tight muscles. A therapist simply will the cup on a tight zone and will create suction for the cup to stay still. 

They are different cupping ways, some people use bamboo cups, and some move the cups around. I have only tried the glass cups and the still suction. 

Does it hurt? 

On my experience, it didn't hurt at all. My lower back actually felt better during and after, and I was so relaxed that I fell asleep (I could sleep anywhere tho - like every yoga class), it did leave marks at the end, and felt like suction all the time but again, it didn't hurt. However, my shoulder was a different story. It didn't really hurt, but I did feel the affected area getting more of a pinch, but that is because I have a really affected shoulder.

Does it work? 

I could say that it does, but it takes time. I have only done 4 sessions and I haven't seen miracle changes. Like any therapy, it takes time, a lot of it and to be patient. Just like PT, diets, or changes, it takes time. So don't expect going to one session and leave feeling perfect and like you are fine. 

However, my lower back feels amazing right now, less sore and in pain. My shoulder has slowly feel better, and the most miracle changing has been my skin. WEIRD. But I have been doing acupunture on my face and my skin has dramatically change (Read more about it below). 

What changes have I noticed? 

Cupping: lower back, neck and overall stress has be lower. Specially my sore jaw in the morning. 

Acupuncture: My therapist applied acupuncture technique to help with bloating, stress and skin issues. I haven't felt bloated since week 2 (expect when I went out and drank alcohol and had tons of fried food), my skin has cleared out 90% - which it is very surprising to me because I have tried every natural remedy to keep my skin from break outs. 

Does acupuncture hurts?

not really. I have only felt the needles on places that are very stress, tight and affected, again, my shoulder and wrist (which is connected to stress levels).

Do it recommend it?

HELL YES! It is a different experience than going to the doctor. It can be expensive, and not all insurance cover it but I think it is worth it. Just make sure you find someone that you trust, that has experience and that fits your budget. 

If you are in Boston, I'm more than happy to share details of my therapist. 




Have you tried acupuncture and cupping? what was your experience?