What to order as vegan at the new DIG INN DTX?

Wow, Dig Inn opened in less than a week and I've already had eaten there 3 times. YEAP. 3! 

Last year, Dig Inn opened the doors to their first location in Boston. I wrote a full post on why you should be Dig Inn obsessed, find it here in case you missed it. 

But basically, Dig inn is a fast food healthy restaurant with the Farm to table idea. All veggies and products are from local farmers. How cool is that?!? When you buy your lunch at Dig Inn you are supporting a local farmer, and while you might not see the impact first hand,  believe me, you are doing it. 

Entrance looking from Washington Street.

Entrance looking from Washington Street.

As vegan I used to struggle to find options on fast food restaurants, but I am so happy that doesn't happen anymore. I was counting with Matt, and just in on Washington street (downtown Boston) we had 6 or 7 restaurants that offer vegan options. HOW CRAZY COOL IS THAT. I mean, if you are offering healthy meals, you are most likely offering vegan meals. So, no brainer when they label it "vegan" - although I appreciate it, that way it is easier to pick my lunch. 

Although Dig Inn isn't plant based, they do have the yummiest options out there. Most of their lunch options can be made vegan, as well as drinks and lattes.

Here my top 5 things to order at Dig Inn:

1. Their tofu. 

holy moly guacamole. I know that some people don't like the consistency of tofu, and you might think that you will never ask for it, but let me start by saying that Dig Inn's option is amazing. 

I have no idea how they cook it, or with what they season it, but it is damn delishhhhhhh - it is crunchy in the outside, and has a similar texture to fish in the inside and it comes with caramelized onion. yummmm - I order it every single time.

2. Toasted quinoa with preserved lemon. 

Such a fancy sentence to describe lemon quinoa, but they are not joking around with the crunchy word! I am not a huge fan of lemon on my food (how a Mexican can't have lemon on everything? I don't know), but this dish makes me love it. It just a subtle lemon flavor but it does makes a whole difference. 

3. Matcha Latte.

If you like a good matcha latte but can't make it at home (me!) then you will love this one. I love their hot version with almond milk, but the iced one is as good. Why I love it? It is literally just water, matcha and milk, no sugars or syrups or any crap in it. Sometimes I ask for maple syrup or brown sugar, but most of the time their regular one it's just perfect. 

4. Roasted Potatoes. 

Well...roasted potatoes with herbs are just magical. They only have their red potatoes on their menu not the white ones, but go with the white ones. Best option ever. 

5. Siracha dressing.

Spicy enough and liquid enough to reach even the last bit of quinoa in your plate. It is so good that I might try to replicate it at home! but to be honest, any dressing is pretty good, I just happen to love spicy food. 

Here are my top 5 Dig Inn Lunch vegan options, I hope you like it and if you have any other favorite or I am missing something let me know!