MamacitasMonday: Eliza Shirazi

Boston based 20-something Girlboss, Eliza Shirazi, has not only created an amazing brand but has made the biggest impact in the Boston Fitness Community. 

Eliza is an energy bomb that will have a smile everywhere she goes. I look up to her for many reasons (I mean she has certified over 60 instructors and her Fempire keeps growing everyday) and specially because she is honest, humble and an open book. I like women that say what they think, and Eliza is definitely one of them. 

Read below a little bit more of Eliza, and tell me in the comments if you have taken her class before!

AA: Ok, in one sentence tell us who you are? (where are you from, where did you grow up, guilty pleasure, etc.) 

ES: Hi! My name is Eliza Shirazi living in the Boston area, and from a big and loud middle eastern family that I blame for giving me the habit of immediately hugging everyone I meet...and also blame for all of the lamb and rice that I could consume all day every day. 

AA: What is your favorite way to move your booty AKA working out? 

ES: I am the Creator and Founder of the fitness brand, Kick It By Eliza. Kick It is a 13-round fitness method that is music-driven and kickboxing-inspired. There are also now 60 Kick It instructors in the Greater Boston Area! It's my favorite way to move...and eat, and breathe, and sleep. 

AA: If you could be one type of exercise, which one would you be and why? 

ES: I am, quite literally, Kick It. Sometimes that's what people call me if we are meeting for the first time, "Oh, you're Kick It, right?". That's my favorite. Anyways, the premise of Kick It is female empowerment and if there is anything I would ever want to be involved in, it's that!

AA: What gets you out of bed, and says I wanna teach today? 

ES: The women who show up day after day to take class and the Kick It instructors that crush it all over the city and beyond. 

AA: When times are hard, how do you channel your inner badass? 

ES: I become a student and take a class. There is nothing more refreshing than taking classes from other people and continuing to learn how to bring the fire. Being a student is a forever sort of thing. 

AA: How would you describe your happy place? 

ES: My happy place is developing other people to be more than just a good fitness instructor, but helping them actually blossom into someone that can pull empowerment out of themselves and other people. There is no great joy than watching people become well-rounded leaders! 

AA: If could spend your life in one place, where would it be? 

ES: Wherever my family is!

AA: What is your badass quote?

ES: I think I say this in every class: Keep your hands up and your heart strong 

AA: Where can we catch you? 

ES: You can catch me in a lot of places, but if you are Boston based: EveryBodyFights in the seaport and financial district and the Pop Up Kick It Studio in Allston, MA! .... or eating chocolate chip cookies from Crema Cambridge 

AA: Where can we follow you? 

@KickItByEliza (In every platform and website is the same name! -AA)