February 2018 Favorites

I  seriously think this month went faster than any other month in my life, I  felt like the weeks went by so fast and didn’t get much done. Do you feel the same?

This month was all about LOVE, to others and ourselves. So I  spent a lot of time thinking on what are those things I enjoy doing, using and what can I  do to take of myself a bit better. A lot of those things ended up on my favorites, because well, I was using them all day, or watching some cool stuff on Netflix. 

So here are some of my Favorites of the month!




Amy’s Frozen Vegan Pizza

If you don’t eat cheese, you know that finding a good dairy free cheese it is hard. They are amazing brands now, but cheese on pizza it is just hard to find! I  have tried many many different ones, and on the frozen aisle there are always the same brands with weird pizza cheese taste, until I  found Amy’s. 

I  have tried other products and I’d love them, so I  thought to give it ago, and WOW! The vegan pizza it is SOOO GOOD! I got the Vegan Margherita Pizza, and ate it all by myself, not even kidding here. 

AfterGlow Matcha + Turmeric + Maca

Screen Shot 2018-02-28 at 10.24.34 AM.png

In the past month, Matt completely gave up coffee. He was the one making it at home for us, so I  naturally gave it up too. It took a bit longer, but I ’m getting there. 

Because of the lack of coffee, I  had to drink something to replace it, so I  went back to Matcha. 

Lorena, the owner of After Glow Detox, sent me a pack to try and loved it! To mix things up, I  added turmeric and maca, and it makes it super tasty and creamy. Obsessed. 


Cocokind Skin care


You know my latest obsession are oils, and al natural skincare and make up. I got a pack full with their goodies and had to try. 

I’m really loving everything I  got, but specially their sticks and the green mask. Super easy to use and very effective. I  have the matcha and macabeet stick with me all the time. I use the mask twice a week, and my skin has been feeling really smooth, and my break outs disappeared. 

My new Healthy Human Tumbler + Cup

As well this month, I  wanted to commit to something that makes me feel better but also our planet. I  decided to be zero waste as much as I  can. 

I  have a Healthy Human Bottle, but I  wanted a tumbler for my matcha, smoothies and so on. I  got Matt one as well for Valentines day, and got myself one. And we have been using it SOOOO MUCH! I love the size (it fits a large smoothie at Jugos), and it keeps the cold and hot for so long. 

I  also got myself a cute little cup for my teas at home, the eye reminds me that we all have a soul to look at, and somehow to focus. It is handmade by a woman, which I love! 

It is the mug on the photo above with the matcha latte. 

You can check Allison's Instagram page here. She does batches of sales, and she is having one soon, make sure to mark your calendar, because it sales out within minutes! 

She is amazing! - Go here


Hoops and earnings by Jewels by SJB

Last year I went to my first vegan music and food festival in NYC, and one of the vendors was this vegan jewelry company. I didn't have cash with me that day, so I couldn't buy anything, but made sure to follow her and keep an eye for new items. 

I've been wanting hoops for a while, but didn't want to buy cheap ones, but instead good quality jewelry that will last long and that supports the same things as I do. 

Sue makes very beautiful pieces but she is also vegan, and she donates a percentage of her sales to an animal house, so with my purchase I wasn't only supporting a small business by a woman, but also an amazing cause. 

Got these two pair of earrings and I'm so in love with them!


Core Flow at Yoga Works

I  took a long yoga class break, I  would just yoga at home, but I  needed to be back and keep myself accountable. So this week I  went back to my old studio and took my always favorite: Core Flow. Izzy, the instructor, creates very beautiful flows, you have to take her class to feel it and understand it. 

Since that class, I  literally went ahead and sign up to all her Friday classes for the rest of March. 

Highly recommend it, you will laugh and droll while watching, 



Ugly Deliciuos, Taco Eposide on Netflix. 

A new documentary series on Netflix about different food and how it has changed over time and places. 

The second episode is about Tacos! I’m Mexican so I  had to watch it, and it was so eye opening, I  actually learnt so much about the history of Tacos, and was a bit of refreshment on our history, and how many different cultures have been mixed in Mexico (There’s a huge Chinese and Lebanese community, did you know that?) 

Altered Carbon

Ok. If you haven’t watch it, do it NOW!

I  normally don’t watch Sci-Fi, but this one is a MUST! Basically a man wakes up 250 years after, and it revolves his life in the new world. But this new world lets you have a chip on your neck that keeps your life in it, and you can change “sleeves” (bodies) and still be you, but on someone else body. Sounds weird, I  know. There’s a love story in all of this, which kept me even more interested, a Mexican actress is in it as well, just be aware, it is kinda weird, VERY graphic, VERY. 

Let me know if you watch it, and what you think!


*My monthly favorites posts are never sponsored, however they typically contain a few affiliate links. I get sent a lot of free products, and the first section of this post might highlight a couple of my favorites. I’m never required to or being paid to feature these freebies and only share the ones I truly love and think you guys will like too!*