It has been officially over five weeks since I shifted my fitness training to purely weight/strength training, and it has been a good change! 

If you want to know what I was doing before, and why I changed, read this blog

I won't bore you too much with a long post this time, but instead I will condense in points what I have been doing, feeling, the good, the ugly, and what is coming next. 

Ok, let's do it. 

  • For five weeks I have been purely weight lifting, yep. Yes I have done one barre class, and couple quick and short hiit or cardio, but nothing much really.
  • The first 3 weeks were fucking hard. I thought it would be easier, but I found myself making million excuses to not go to the gym. Some where: it is too cold, I am too tired, it takes too long (but not really, unless i endless scroll on insta on my breaks), people is going to judge me, what if people see me and I'm doing something wrong, but I am tired, and sore, and my bed is comfy, but I can do it at home. Yes mamacitas, I said all those things to myself, and many more. It was hard. 
  • Posting on instagram was a great accountability tool. YES, just like the "old" times. Posting a selfie, or anything on stories that proved I went to the gym made me so much more consistent and excited. 
  • After three weeks I felt like a machine. Fo' real ...I was on fire and ready to take the world. I felt like I was crushing E V E R Y single workout, I felt on a routine, consistent, committed, and loved it. 
  • Not every workout was my best, sweaty or even perfect. Yes I have consistently been working out 6 times a week, and yes it feels damn good, but not every workout was awesome, some were, and some were shit. But that is ok. 
  • Starting week 6 with some serious fire under my booty though. After doing my In Body test (will explain more on another blog) I understood that for my overall health, I needed to build muscle mass, and well...that is what I'm doing. 
  • I'm upping weight, my workouts changed on week 4, which made it feel like fresh air. My split is still the same (it will change in week 7 though), which is:
  1. Monday: Legs (anterior muscles, so mainly quad work)
  2. Tuesday: Shoulders and Abs
  3. Wednesday: Back and biceps
  4. Thursday: Legs (posterios muscles, so hammies and glutes)
  5. Friday: chest, triceps and abs
  6. Saturday: so I used use it for a fitness class, or yoga BUT starting this week I am doing a functional session, so think sliders, box jumps, rowing, etc. Just for fun! 
  • In terms on changes. I don't feel super confident yet to show you photos, but I can tell you that my trunk (that word is kinda funny, but my core!) looks stronger, my legs have grown one inch a bit, and I lost weight. Which is very very frustrating, since I'm looking to gain. However, I'm really really focusing on hitting my macros since i haven't really to be honest, and upping my carbs 40g and my fats 10g. So YES, more food. 
  • On week 7 the split of workouts will change, as well as the routine. I will be uploading what I exactly do very very soon, on video, so be ready for that. 
  • I know that some of you might think that gaining weight or muscle must be fun, but one of the biggest struggles for me have been mentally, and understanding that this things take time and that my body just needs time to adjust. I have always been very skinny and have quite a small frame, and used to eat very little when growing up, so getting used the idea of eating more it has been a learning curve. But I just know that I'm fueling my body with the right foods, rather the ones that fit on my macros, if that make sense! 
  • I'm looking forward to the changes on the next few months, and keep working with Alejandra, and show you how with consistency and the right foods you can also make your body stronger from the inside out. 
  • Im also adding yoga at least 2-3 times a week! I'm using the SWEAT app and the sessions last 20-25 mins and that is all I need. I use yoga to relax, stretch and well, i just love it! 
  • Lifting and fitness in general, has giving me an outlet for me to grow, develop some confidence and experiment, which is the fun part! it can be frustrating at times, but like everything, it takes time. 

What do you want to see on the next update? Let me know in the comments!