Fit+Travel series Vol. 2: Vermont, camping edition!

A couple weeks ago, Matt and I decided to go camping. We have been inspired by one of our couchsurfing friend Angela, and to be honest, a bit jelly too. She is in Hawaii at the moment, hiking, camping and living the best life. All alone! yeah, I know, she is awesome. 

We wanted to take advantage of the 4th of July weekend, and get out of the city. Neither of us grew up in the USA, so we didn't feel as patriotic to stay home and celebrate. So, a camping trip seemed like a great idea. 

I quickly jumped into to look for a camping spots available and the bad news were, that 99% of the campgrounds were booked out. I wasn't surprised to be honest. But after searching every single campground in New England, I finally found a campground, however, there was only 3 out of the 4 nights that we wanted available! Matt and I texted about it, and decided to book only 3 nights, cause YOLO! I was terrified that we didn't have a place to stay/camp for one night, but hey, YOLO right?. Luckily for us, the same campground had walk up spots and once we got there, they were free!!! 

Camping ain't my thing. I have never done proper camping (maybe once, but with school and doesn't really count!), until I met Matt. My longest camping experience? 2 nights. I was excited and terrified at the same time. Like, have you heard of Black bears? yeah, they come down to Vermont campgrounds to eat your food. Yeap. No joking. Plus, no showering for 5 days.... I will leave it right there. 

However, after 5 days, I can tell you I am hooked! camping is AMAZING! I found something I really enjoy, it takes me out of my comfort zone and disconnects me from the "real" world.

Here a few hikes and tips to do while in Vermont!

1. Look for camping and reserve in advance here, look for a campground that accommodates to your camping experience and expectations. Some campgrounds offer showers, bathrooms, fire ring, picnic table and trash services. Some doesn't. Make sure to research before hand so you are prepare. We choose, well kinda cause was the last option, Chitteden Brook Campground. It is a great campground for someone that looks for a quite campground a bit far away from the world. It is located in the middle of the Green Mountains, so don't expect cellphone service! but is super close to the Long trail and a few lakes! it was honestly, perfect for us. 

We had a fire ring and picnic table!

We had a fire ring and picnic table!

2. Hike, as much as you can! We love hiking, and we have been trying to find some difficult hikes, however, we weren't as prepare as we wanted too. But we still found AMAZING ones! here the ones we did:

  • Leicester Hollow Trail: this one is easy, but the cool part was walking literally in the middle of the mountain.

  • Chandler Trail: it has a few lake views, and it can be a bit challenging. Is great for running in the way back down!

  • Silver Lake loop trail: as well easy, but it goes along the lake, which makes it magical. We stopped and chill on a rock and took time to swim.

  • Aunt Jenny trail: is less than a mile but holly molly! is all up hill so it can be hard and challenging.

  • Rattlesnake cliff trail: we only did this one in the way down and it was easy, but I can see that it might be a bit hard in the way up. The Cliff it supposed to be AMAZING, but it was closed (until Aug), so no big views.

All of them are interconnected, so you can probably do all of them in one day, but it will take you like 10 hours! 

3. Get some Maple Syrup. My favorite part of going to Vermont is the Maple Syrup! Besides the Canadian Maple Syrup, I haven't try a better one that Vermont's one. I love that you can find small little family owned shops everywhere. Mom & Pops store was around the corner from our campground and we had to stop. The second best part of it, was their honesty system. If you don't know what it is, basically, no one is at the store, you just have to write down your name, address, what you bought and slide the money on a little box. HOW CRAZY IS THAT! 

The outside of the store.

The outside of the store.

Honesty system right here!

Honesty system right here!

4. Campfire cooking. As much as you can. Of course bring some pre made snacks with you, like this bliss balls  but try idolize the whole experience. Out favorite part was waking up and get the fire going, boiled some water and prepare coffee. It makes you appreciate more what you have at home, but also relax and take this slowly.

Now is your turn:

  • What did missed?

  • Which re your hiking and camping essentials?