In the past three years my fridge and pantry did a 360-degree change.  We used to have 89 cent frozen pizzas and a very large selection of cheap beer. I won’t lie, we had some good times living like that, but I couldn’t’ live like that forever. Health and lifestyle wise that is not a good pantry we should have around. I have nothing wrong with drinking, or eating highly process food, I just wouldn’t do it everyday for the rest of my life.  If that is your lifestyle, and you feel good, than hey, do you mamacita. But to be honest, that is not wise, and long term can be pretty counterproductive.

Anyway. We (I mean Matt and I) have changed our dietary preferences a lot. From eating frozen pizza, to just chicken and broccoli, to now being vegan. One thing that I’ve noticed on all that change is that when my pantry has healthy options I snack less and buy less out. If I have unhealthy treats at home, I am 100% eating them. I found that if I replace the unhealthy treats with healthier version I satisfy my cravings.

Every once in a while I like to try new things, experiment, and change it up. But through the years, I found that having some staples, and swapping a few things has let me to keep a healthier lifestyle.  For example, I used to love cereal for breakfast, and a good bag of chips, but now we have oatmeal and seeds or fruit for snacks.

I have also found myself wanting a sweet treat after dinner or lunch, and it is super easy for me now to get up to and start cooking something healthy, instead of grabbing something out. It took us months to build a good pantry, but once you have what you need it is so easy!

Here are my staples, and what I think everyone should have at home.



Super easy way to add fiber and omegas 3 to your diet without buying supplements. You can add them to your smoothies, cereal, salads, etc. You will be adding extra nutritional benefits to foods you are already eating. You can use them to bake and replace eggs with them (flax and chia eggs are super east to make).



From quinoa, wild rice, brown rice to farro. Whatever your preference is. But stick to whole grains. White refined grains are so bad, they have been bleach and taken all the benefits your body needs. Whole grains are super easy to cook, they go with pretty much everything, from quinoa porridges to macro bowls. We even take them camping, since is so easy to cook on the fire.



When we ditch salt, we needed something to give flavor to some meals. I love the taste of vegetables but we all know sometimes you need that mix that gives life to your meal. Some of our favorite ones are cumin, paprika, cinnamon, garlic and onion powder. Buy them in bulk and store them on jars, they will last you so much more.



Let’s be honest, we all love a good trail mix. If you need something to snack on a handful of nuts and seeds it is a great option. Plus you can always make nut butter with them, or nut milks. SO many options! I typically buy almonds, cashes, pepitas and peanuts.



We switched from dairy milk to almond milk about four years ago and haven’t looked back. With the hormones and antibiotics in today’s dairy product, we stick with dairy-free milk, which we find to be creamier and taste better!  


-What are your pantry staples? tell me in the comments!